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Reader's view: Keystone pipeline will secure US energy independence

It seems like President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have their priorities fouled up again.

We are seeing another spike in fuel prices as turmoil in the Middle East increases, and yet President Obama cannot see the simple wisdom of approving the Keystone XL pipeline and securing a huge energy supply from our friends — repeat, our friends — in Canada.

What is so mysterious about the benefits of energy independence? Don’t the Democrats understand that higher fuel prices hit hardest the very people they espouse to “save.”

Couple the pipeline with serious funding to develop alternative energy sources and quit pretending we can wean ourselves off oil and coal overnight with the stroke of a pen.

Wages of $12 to $15 an hour will matter very little to people if the cost of basic goods and services are pushed out of sight by fuel prices.

And don’t kid yourself either that oil will be used. The only question is: Will it be us or China? Let’s see, who has the better environmental record?

Except for the politics, this one is a no-brainer.

John Thompson