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Reader's view: Democrats are ruining the state and country

Here we go again. I see on TV U.S. Sen. Al Franken telling us what he has done while in office.

It’s funny but I’ve written him at least eight times along with U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Both always send me back the same letter saying they’re doing what the people want them to do. I could never figure out why Franken would never answer my question or suggestions.

Has anyone noticed how many things are happening right now — bridge repair, new roads, more jobs in the mines and more shipping — but it seems everything is planned for 2016? If no one here has noticed I can understand why they say this is the worst liberal state in the country; people here don’t understand anything.

Democrats voted in a president who seemingly has broken every amendment of the Constitution and now is making Iraq another Vietnam. All the men and women who fought in Iraq will be just like those of us who were in Vietnam. They will never get over the good men who were lost or maimed. The people who helped us will be killed and their families; this is something no person who fought will ever forget.

Rodney Lubiani