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Funding for government lapses as short-term spending bill stalls in the Senate

Reader's view: ‘Angry white man’ foolishly serves interests of others

Who or what is the “angry white man” to blame for these tough economic times? The poor? Immigrants? Government regulations? Or the wrath of God? Because we all know the playing field is level and the markets are rational and free. Social mobility is possible for every child from every broken and illiterate home, and we rise by our own merits or sink to the bottom, one tug short on our bootstraps.

“Angry white man” has been the dominant gender of the dominant race of the dominant religion in the dominant country on earth, but now his pocketbook fails him. Does he blame the speculators and usurers? The 400 individuals who own as much wealth as half of all Americans combined? Does he blame the billionaires who bought our government? Or the ones who own the media? No, he blames something he calls “socialism.” And this makes him so angry he wants to reach for his guns, the one thing left that makes him feel powerful. But he can’t shoot his way out of his problems, and his misdirected rage has only left him divided and conquered, a useful fool serving the powers-that-be.

David A. Sorensen