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Reader's view: Find a way to save Lester Park Golf Course

I must admit there is great sadness in writing a letter to the editor about the possible closure of Lester Park Golf Course (“City ponders golf course changes, including possible Lester Park sale,” June 11.

Are you kidding? Is this a bad dream?

My father grew up watching the building of the Lester Park Golf Course. He played thousands of rounds there and brought three sons to the game of golf there. All three of his boys worked there through school, lived in the clubhouse apartment for many years and grew to know the golf course like the backs of our hands.

I can’t help but think this gem of a course can be saved in some way. Perhaps it’s with a skeleton grounds crew like when we worked there, or market the facility in a better way. If it’s financial, then the city had better look at every other program that doesn’t make money. It sure seemed easy requiring city taxpayers to contribute three-

quarters of a billion dollars on new and renovated schools. Does anyone think for one minute the new transportation hub downtown will make money? Give me a break.

If need be, close Lester’s Lake Nine and sell that property to developers, as nobody likes to play the Lake Nine anyway.

Wake up, Duluth! My father hasn’t rested in his gravesite since the announcement. May he rest in peace — not Lester Park Golf Course.

Gerald Kirby Jr.

Waconia, Minn.