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Reader's view: Public employee unions promote racist policies

On the heels of an 8th Congressional District convention that was almost picketed came a state DFL convention with woefully inadequate handicapped access accommodations for elected alternates. Special rules made it impossible for Gov. Mark Dayton’s pro-cannabis candidate to even be heard by the convention. It also made it virtually impossible for any minority candidate challenging the party insider’s choice.

This was especially concerning since it continued to support racist elements of our party, those who continue to back the racist war on the poor that we call the drug war. The statistical data are clear from the last year we have figures: Between six and nine times as many persons of color are being harvested to fill our empty prison beds. The same group of public employees who ran Jim Crow in Mississippi in 1959 are now unionized and happily running a new Jim Crow in Minnesota.

If you wonder why our kids graduate in debt, why we have woefully inadequate mental-health facilities and why we have been consistently short on social-welfare money despite increasing need, look to the union employees in one of Minnesota’s socialist-growth industries’ success stories.

Now for the real conundrum: Minnesota’s public employee unions today hold control of the state convention. In their arrogant, elitist effort for a display of imaginary unity, the crippling role this union-sponsored racism is playing in undermining our society will not be heard.

W. D. (Bill) Hamm