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Reader's view: Moose Lake school also won big at the Legislature

The Moose Lake community school district also was a winner this legislative session (Our View: “Legislative losers, winners emerge,” May 20). Many people worked tirelessly since the devastating flood of 2012 to put the community back together and improve the area. Key to all was the school, which suffered major damage of at least $800,000. Moose Lake partnered with the Rushford-Peterson school district, which experienced a major disastrous flood in 2007 at similar costs, to ask our Minnesota Legislature to help us with facilities to give our students an equal opportunity to be educated in good facilities after such horrendous natural disasters. We had both Democrats and Republicans involved in this piece of legislation working together.

A task force for education developed the idea of triple equalization for funding these disasters and future natural disasters. Superintendent Bob Indihar from Moose Lake and Superintendent Chuck Ehler from Rushford-Peterson can answer all questions on the process and how it works. Kudos to everybody involved in this unique work and cooperation for the educational future of kids in both school districts. We have more work to do, but this is an unbelievable recognition that we needed state help and people listened.

Kristine M. Lyons

Moose Lake

The writer is chairwoman of the Moose Lake School Board.