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Reader's view: Pet owners need to be aware of bodily waste

Green space and dogs go together. Growing up we called this having a yard. Many people still have yards for their dogs, and how they take care of their dogs’ need to relieve themselves of bodily waste, which all living things have to do, is pretty much up to them as long as it doesn’t negatively affect neighbors.

Dog parks have become a necessity for people who need green space for their dogs’ needs, and there are requirements regarding cleaning up after your pet to preserve an amicable community environment.

Unfortunately, outside of these options, the one that remains is using any available green space, or sometimes just the sidewalk, for dog owners to bring their dogs twice a day, every day, to urinate and defecate without cleaning up after them. This can be private or public space; either way, it is open and accessible, and so, taken advantage of. Even if the solid waste is picked up, the urine burns the grass and concentrated doses of urine through multiple and repetitive relief around trees is not good for trees either. This is not even to mention what it is like for the person who is tending this precious green space and has to clean up after those dogs, because somebody has to do it, right?

And although this is less common, this refers to cat owners who let their cats out at night to use gardens as their litter boxes as well.

Please consider this issue if you are a dog owner or thinking about getting a dog and live in an apartment or in a dense urban setting. Where are you going to take your pet every day, twice a day, to relieve itself?

Kathy Brantner