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Reader's view: Lack of Spanish 5 at Denfeld robs students of opportunities

As a father of two women who benefited from having the fifth-year option for Spanish at Duluth East, I feel it is deplorable for the district not to offer fifth-year Spanish at Denfeld next year when there are 22 students signed up wanting to have that option (“Denfeld student sings to protest dropping of Spanish class,” May 7).

Both of my daughters entered college with eight credits of college-level Spanish in their pocket. Both are now outstanding professionals who are fluent in Spanish and have used that fluency in their careers. One daughter is a high school Spanish teacher in southern Minnesota and teaches college-level Spanish to her students through the auspices of Southwest Minnesota State University. The other is an attorney in Minneapolis and has used her Spanish fluency to benefit her career.

The district needs to come up with a solution for these Denfeld students so they can start their post-high school education with college credits. I commend the Denfeld student who used the talent show to bring this situation to the forefront.

John Luhtala