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Reader's view: Promise to students was broken on Denfeld Spanish 5 class

Reporter Brady Slater wrote an excellent story for the News Tribune illustrating the plight of advanced Spanish students at Denfeld High School (“Singing for her Spanish: Denfeld student performs in Spanish to protest cuts to college-level language course,” May 8). The story was about student Maria Puglisi, who sang a song in Spanish at Denfeld’s talent show to protest the cutting of a Spanish class this coming fall.

I had the good fortune of teaching Maria Spanish 1 at Morgan Park Middle School. Eighth-graders who signed up for Spanish had an expectation to continue Spanish through their senior years with college credit received for the final class. Both the students and their parents were thankful for the program and the added savings in terms of future college tuition.

Unfortunately, the plan changed. Citing economic woes, the current plan is to cut Spanish 5 from Denfeld’s curriculum this coming school year.

I believe creative options are available to avoid this.

Twenty-two students at Denfeld are hoping to take Spanish 5. A promise has been broken. The Duluth School Board needs to follow through in fulfilling its word.

¡Adelante Maria! (Go for it, Maria!)

Lisa A. Crosby


The writer is a retired teacher of Spanish in the Duluth public schools.