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Reader's view: History assures us Islam is a violent religion

I feel a need to respond to the frequent commentaries University of Minnesota Duluth professor M. Imran Hayee has been allowed to have published in the News Tribune. His past two — “Islam embraces gender equality,” on May 8 and, “Quran forbids men from hurting wives,” on April 6 — tried to convince us Islam teaches gender equality and nonviolence. Why the News Tribune continues to publish these is beyond me. There were three pro-Islam Local View commentaries within about a month. (The third was by UMD graduate Waqas Bin Khalid on April 18, headlined, “Marathon bombings contradict teachings of Islam.”)

Hayee must not read the papers I read, which daily report on spousal/female abuse by those who say they follow Islam. As I write this there are more than 270 young girls held by Islamists against their will with violent intentions. Additionally, I would ask readers to think back to the past 35 years to review the violent issues in the world that have caused us to change our security and our living. Islam seems to be the religion so often proudly proclaimed.

It appears the News Tribune is caught up in the liberal feel-good-about-Islam thinking that caused Detroit to be what it is.

I believe there is a planned approach to lull us into thinking this religion is so peace-


Recent history assures us it is not.

Jim Gerdes

Sturgeon Lake