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Reader's view: US needs a law requiring honesty in political ads

The News Tribune’s back page of April 17 stated, “Court considers challenge to law barring campaign falsehoods.” How frightening! That the U.S. Supreme Court might strike down the truth in political advertising laws in 16 states, including in Minnesota, should strike fear in the hearts of every voter.

The spinmeisters of corporate and private political action committees, or PACS, already have reduced the public trust in political advertising to an abysmal low. How can we as voters determine in whom we can place our trust to maintain an honest and honorable government?

I believe it is time for the U.S. Congress to show its mettle and produce a genuine “Honesty in Political Advertising” law that all voters can respect and have confidence in for future elections. This might require some real political guts, but it surely would produce a greater respect for our elected officials.

Ernest Petersen