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Reader's view: Pipelines are the safest transport option

Many “environmentalists” object to the Keystone XL and other pipelines. Even President Barack Obama doesn’t seem to know what to do about pipelines.

Perhaps I can help.

I manage and am one-third owner of two farm properties in Kentucky, in the family since about 1944, that are crossed by pipelines carrying natural gas. They were built about 1950, 64 years ago; and during all that time, they have not made a sound or sprung a leak. Normal farm cultivation has gone on over them most of those 64 years without the slightest problem. Wild animals run around all over it without the slightest notion that it is there. Some trees were cut to create the right of way but few of them were of any value to man or beast. I have never heard of a serious problem about this pipeline.

Now suppose that the gas (or any other fluid, gas being the most dangerous) in this pipeline had been carried instead by train, ship or truck. Is it remotely imaginable that there would have been no accidents causing serious environmental problems, maybe serious injuries, maybe even disasters? It is not.

Pipelines are good, always good, compared to all other means of transporting fluids. There are tens of thousands of miles of pipelines, and they seldom attract notice because they seldom do anything bad.

The arguments against pipelines are so silly one is led to wonder if some of the leaders in the arguments are being paid by foreign governments. This question arises because it is mainly our enemies and competitors who benefit from restricting or increasing the costs of our economic activity.

Our founders were aware of that problem more than 200 years ago. It seems we are less smart than they. That is not progress!

Bill Rees