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Reader's view: Tough choices, not rhetoric, needed on global warming

There is an old saying that when your opponent resorts to personal attacks, you know you have won. The misinformed writer of the April 26 letter, “Armchair science makes real scientist cringe,” apparently

didn’t read my April 17 commentary closely enough.

Under the headline, “Alarmist reports on global warming usually don’t suggest tough measures,” the commentary noted that the slow decline of ice in the Arctic is more than made up for by the increase in the Antarctic, which has 88 percent of the world’s ice.

As to sea level rise, the seas have been rising at a reducing rate since the last glaciers melted. At present the rise is about one inch per decade. In my opinion, the April 26 letter writer’s notion of a 1 meter rise in the next eight decades is an unlikely forecast.

If the writer, identified as a professor, is worried about future generations, let’s hear him propose some specific tough choices like stiff new carbon taxes. He can attend one of my classes and learn about those choices.

Rolf Westgard

St. Paul