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Reader's view: There can be no exceptions in abortion opposition

There are many very good people who are pro-life and who are trying to end abortion. They come up with ideas and plans for limiting the number of abortions out of real concern over the issue. And in some cases they reduce the numbers of this great evil.

However, unless they oppose all abortions with no exceptions, they are making a huge mistake. And what is that mistake? If one makes an exception and allows the killing of the innocent for any reason, they are giving permission to all others to do the same for their reasons. Good intentions can lead to great errors.

We must be ready to defend the lives of every single innocent person even in the most difficult cases such as those sometimes presented to medical personnel. They must do their best to save both mother and child. If one is going to die, only God has the right to choose which one. Only God can give them the blessing of heavenly eternal life. Life is his gift given with an intended state of final eternal joy.

Father Richard Partika