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Reader's view: Ridiculous ‘facts’ don’t prove Jesus’ resurrection

The April 13 letter, “Jesus’ life and resurrection are supported by facts,” written in response to my letter published on April 8, “Bible isn’t enough to prove resurrection,” was a classic example of desperation. To begin a rebuttal with a blatant misdirection is not only poor sportsmanship, but it also speaks volumes about the integrity of the rebuttal’s content as a whole.

The April 13 letter said my letter made the common mistake of claiming the Bible had been revised “many times.” In fact, I said once. While that seems small in importance, it clearly was an attempt to discredit my opinion with a lie. After reading what the letter presented as “facts,” I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Crucifixions were common in Jesus’ time. Others, without the superpowers of Jesus, would suffer for days on the cross. Jesus was on the cross for six hours and died. When Joseph of Arimathea asked for Jesus’ body, everyone was shocked Jesus was dead, but his entombment still was allowed. After his death, he appears, in disguise, over a period of 40 days to people who admit they didn’t recognize him. This is all so ridiculous.

Tim Miro

Fayal Township