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Reader's view: State minimum wage law won’t hurt tipped workers

As someone who worked and volunteered time toward urging our Minnesota lawmakers to increase our state’s minimum wage, I find it difficult to stay silent in the wake of the April 22 letter, “Wage increase doesn’t help people who work for tips." So many inaccuracies and incorrect assumptions were given that I was really surprised the letter was published at all.

To set the record straight, the minimum wage increase will occur in steps starting this August when it jumps to $8 per hour. In August 2015 it will step up again to $9 per hour. Then it will increase to the $9.50 per hour amount in August 2016. This gradual phasing in was done to allow businesses time to adjust to this needed increase in our wage floors in Minnesota. This was not a political maneuver to win future elections; it was common-sense treatment toward business owners.

Now to the more egregious claim that this would somehow negatively affect tipped employees: Minnesota never has had a tip credit, this new minimum wage does not introduce a tip credit, and in fact will provide tipped employees with the same minimum wage as any other employee in the state. It won’t somehow reduce their wages, as the April 22 letter suggested.

Next time I suggest more research be done before writing a letter to the editor. Not doing research does the paper and the community a disservice.

Steve Wick