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Reader's view: Let’s challenge men to live moral lives

On the April 13 Sunday Opinion cover was a commentary by Joseph Legueri, headlined, “Legalize prostitution: Let men be men.” He used two “facts” to substantiate his reasoning.

One was that so many men already are paying for sex.

The other was the opinion of a professor of psychiatry, Dr. Louann Brizendine, who said that from a young age men think about sex more than woman.

So, Legueri explained, let men do what they are thinking about.

If we follow that line of thinking, if a woman spends a lot of time thinking about stealing something, we should let her do it because she really wants to. Or if a man finds himself thinking about slugging someone when things don’t go his way, we should let him do it, well, because he was thinking about it and really wanted to.

Sorry, Joseph Legueri, your reasons for “letting men be men” just don’t fly. Let’s challenge men to be men and live moral lives and make the tough decisions to be faithful to their spouses and God!

Rolf Fure