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Reader's view: Lakewalk gap won’t run in front of townhomes

No way is the Lakewalk gap near the foot of 21st Avenue East going to happen in front of those new townhomes. And no way was the construction of those townhomes done inadvertently or mistakenly too close to the water to allow the walkway.

That extension won’t be constructed in front of townhomes for the same reason as I-35, as it moves east from Lake Avenue, moves through beautifully-sculpted and landscaped tunnels, hidden from oh-so-sensitive eyes looking out from an exclusive club. But as the interstate moves west from Lake Avenue, it brawls right through neighborhoods with all of its racket and pollution. The eyes of the folks in those neighborhoods must not be as sensitive.

It’s all in how you look at things.

Judith Olson

Two Harbors