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Reader's view: Supreme Court deals mortal wound to democracy

Democracy is at death’s door, mortally wounded by the U.S. Supreme Court. It is doubtful it can be revived even through the most artful treatment.

The ruling that corporations could be individuals and can form political action committees has put a muzzle on what is commonly called “grass-roots politics.”

In the situation that now exists, a couple of billionaire corporate chiefs, who made their billions from the sweat of their workers’ brows, are now able to discredit and possibly destroy the career of a dedicated politician and to sully the fruition of a legitimate act of Congress. This situation is a disgrace to the Court.

That corporate moguls can freely broadcast these diatribes without revealing their names is without a doubt a major travesty to free speech.

Likewise, allowing corporations to form political action committees to publicize their political biases on the air and in the newspapers is a violation of my rights as a stockholder. My position as a stockholder means I own a portion of these companies, and they have not sought my permission to make their political claims.

Democracy seriously needs a huge transfusion of political honesty merely to survive. Democracy needs to be healthy to survive and prosper.

Ernest Petersen