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Reader's view: Facts refute Obama foe

It was absolutely appalling that the writer of the March 30 letter, “Obama’s wrecking ball levels USA capitalism,” claimed to have covered the state of affairs of the Obama administration. Where does he get his information from, the Fox cable news channel?

Here are facts from the past six years of the Obama administration:

* The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, has enrolled more than 6 million Americans, a large number who did not have insurance coverage for various reasons, including the fact that insurance companies have denied health insurance policies to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

* The Iraq War ended and our troops are home. Also, President Obama is working to end the Afghanistan War by the end of the year.

* President Obama recently visited Pope Francis I in Rome, and one of the topics covered in the meeting was income inequality. Capitalism is obviously alive and well because the income gap has widened. The wealthiest Americans who have stocks in the stock market have seen their value increase since President Obama took office due to the economic recovery while the poorest Americans were left behind.

If any news director had the writer of the March 30 letter as a political reporter, he’d be fired. He’s worse than NBC News White House correspondent Chuck Todd.

Brandan Fiedler