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Reader's view: Superior police officer should be prosecuted

I was pleased to see that after all the public pressure, the Superior district attorney reduced charges against Natasha Lancour (“Charges amended, trial postponed in Lancour case,” March 18).

It should be remembered, however, the initial charge against Lancour was felony battery of a police officer. Only after a dash-cam video of Lancour’s encounter with Officer George Gothner appeared on YouTube did the district attorney amend the charges. He reduced the charge to a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest more than three weeks after the incident. Absent video evidence, Lancour — the victim, in my opinion — may well have gone to prison.

Sadly, there aren’t always cameras around when police go on a rampage. I feel Gothner should be charged with assault and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. An example must be made.

John Ramos