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DO-IT-YOURSELF: Craft a traveling LEGO kit

Make a traveling LEGO kit with these easy steps. Photo:

I know this kit is for kids, but it’s got big-kiddo appeal. And another pro: You can make this craft in preparation for any road trip.


Large LEGO building plate


Metal lunchbox

Sanding sponge

Basic LEGO bricks (bin)

Removable Scotch mounting squares

Craft glue


Writing utensil

Felt (in color of choice)


1. Measure inside of lunchbox lid. On back of building plate, draw four tick marks as a guide. Cut building plate along guide to fit lunchbox lid. Cut a second piece of building plate to act as “fence” that’s about 2 inches long and width of lunchbox.

2. Round and trim corners of both building plate pieces, sand them down with sanding sponge.

3. Place six to nine mounting squares on back of building plate. Take off paper backings and center plate on lunchbox lid. Press down to secure.

4. With ruler, measure inside of lunchbox. Draw tick marks on felt and cut. Trim down as needed so felt fits inside lunchbox base.

5. Using craft glue, paste felt bottom of lunchbox. (This muffles the clanking of LEGOS on metal.) Let dry for 10 minutes.

6. Place “fence” piece on inside corner of bottom part of lunchbox. (This keeps LEGOs in place when building during travels.)

7. Pour bin of LEGOs into lunchbox, and you’re ready to go.


Melinda Lavine
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