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Book blurb: “When June Comes”

“When June Comes”

“When June Comes”

Author: Vernal Lind

Local connection: Lind was a teacher at Mountain Iron High School and Mountain Iron-Buhl High School for more than 30 years.

Synopsis: Virgil Martin, a dedicated teacher who faces some of the challenges of teaching in the late ’60s during anti-war and other protests of the time. As senior class adviser, he finds himself in the middle of several conflicts, including an unauthorized bonfire put on by the students, threats by a troubled student, and an argument between two colleagues that leads to a heart attack and death. Martin relies on his faith and inner spirits to get him through to June, because he knows when June comes, all will be well again.

Cost: $17.95

Publisher: Ingram Publisher Services

Information: Call (218) 864-5697.