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Book blurbs for Aug. 15

“The Inconvenient Indian, A Curious Account of Native People in North America”

Author: Thomas King

Synopsis: The book shares an unconventional account of Indian-white relations in North America since initial contact. The author debunks fabricated stories of Indian savagery and white heroism, takes an oblique look at Indians and cowboys in film, wrestles with the history of Native American resistance and his own experiences as a Native rights activist and articulates the ever-shifting laws and treaties on Native peoples and lands.

Cost: $24.95

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press


“Survival Schools, The American Indian Movement and Community Education in the Twin Cities”

Author: Julie L. Davis

Synopsis: In the late 1960s, Indian families in Minneapolis and St. Paul were under siege — juvenile courts were sweeping the kids up, fostering them out and sometimes whole families were broken up. In 1972, motivated by prejudice in the child welfare system and hostility in the public school system, American Indian Movement organizers and local Native parents came together to start their own community school. For Pat Bellanger, it was about cultural survival. Though created in crisis, the school fulfilled the goal Pat worked toward — to create an education system that would enable Native children to never forget who they were.

Cost: $22.95

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press


“Powwow Summer, A Family Celebrates the Circle of Life”

Author: Marcie Rendon

Photographer: Cheryl Walsh Bellville

Synopsis: This book, for ages 8-12, is about Sharyl and Windy Downwind. They and their children travel from their home on Red Lake Reservation to powwows throughout the region. At ceremonies and in daily life, Windy and Sharyl celebrate Anishinaabe culture by teaching their children traditional skills, dance steps and lifeways, all part of the circle of community and the season and life.

Cost: $7.95

Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press


“Indian Nations of Wisconsin, Histories of Endurance and Renewal”

Author: Patty Loew

Synopsis: This books documents the histories, traditions and stories of Wisconsin’s Native peoples. Loew shares the history of each tribe, from origin stories to contemporary struggles over treaty rights and sovereignty issues. It includes tribal histories of the Ojibwe, Potawatomi, Oneida, Menominee, Mohican, HoChunk and Brothertown Indians. This second edition includes information on the economic, social and environmental advancement of the Native American communities.

Cost: $24.95

Publisher: Wisconsin Historical Society Press