Weather Forecast


Wednesday's weather for Duluth and the Northland: Cool, chance of rain

Adam Clark

TODAY: A large trough in the jet stream parks over the Northland, keeping our temperatures below average. A low-pressure system in the upper levels of the atmosphere develops in southern Ontario and starts to push south. This gives us a 20 percent chance of afternoon sprinkles. Highs will be in the low 50s with a northwest wind at 5-10 mph.

THURSDAY: The trough will remain over the region and the upper-level low will strengthen. Our chance of showers will be 30 percent as clouds increase. Morning lows will be near 30 and highs will be around 49. 

FRIDAY: The upper-level low will slowly push east and continue to give us a 30 percent chance of showers. Morning lows will be around 30 and highs will be near 51 with mostly cloudy skies.

SATURDAY: The jet stream's trough will continue over the eastern states and we will start to see a ridge develop. This means dry weather for the weekend. Morning lows will be around 32 and highs near 60 with partly cloudy skies.


Today: Partly Cloudy, 20% Showers H: 52 L: 30

Thursday: Mostly Cloudy, 30% Showers H: 49 L: 30

Friday: Mostly Cloudy, 30% Showers H: 51 L: 32

Saturday: Partly Cloudy H: 60 L: 40                     

Sunday: Partly Cloudy H: 63 L: 43