Weather Forecast


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Wednesday's forecast for Duluth and the Northland: Mostly sunny

TODAY: A high-pressure system to our north will spin clockwise, giving us an easterly breeze, keeping temperatures by the lake cooler (near 70 for a high) and mid-70s on the hill.  Expect mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies.

THURSDAY: The high pressure moves south over Lake Superior giving us a southeast flow, so temperatures will be close to average with lows in the low 50s and highs in the mid- 70s.

FRIDAY: A low-pressure system to our west develops and pushes into the Dakotas.  This will warm us up with a southwest flow and give us energy needed to spark some thunderstorms.  Lows are in the mid-50s and highs around 80.  The chance of afternoon showers and storms is 40 percent.

SATURDAY: The low-pressure system moves over the Northland, but drier air is pushing in behind it, reducing the chance of storms to 30 percent.  Expect mostly cloudy skies with lows in the low 60s and highs in the upper 70s.

Five-day forecast:

Wednesday: Partly cloudy H: 75 L: 51

Thursday: Partly cloudy H: 74 L: 56

Friday: Mostly cloudy, 40 percent scattered storms  H: 80 L: 61

Saturday: Mostly cloudy, 30 percent storms H: 78 L: 59

Sunday: Partly cloudy, 30 percent storms H: 75 L: 58