Weather Forecast


Sunday's weather for Duluth and the Northland: The weather we've been waiting for

As a life-long Northlander, personal experience tells me an early spring starts March 1. A normal one starts March 15. A late one hits April 1. This year, we're entering late April with precious little sign of spring. Hopefully, we'll get such a sign today.

Skies will become mostly sunny after we shake off a chance for morning fog. Warm winds and added solar energy will send temps into the 60s. The normal is closer to 50.

Monday and Tuesday will be sunny and mild, too.  By Wednesday, though, we'll step back towards normal for temperatures, but even that may provide enough heat to egg on rapid lift to wind up a couple of mid-week thunderstorms.


Sunday: Mostly sunny, high 64, low 38

Monday: Partly cloudy, high 58, low 30

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, high 52, low 30

Wednesday: Cloudy, 40% chance of thunderstorms, high 49, low 33

Thursday: Cloudy, 60% chance of rain, high 50, low 35