Weather Forecast


Sunday's weather for Duluth and the Northland: Showers, then sun

This morning, there’s a 30 percent chance for rain showers and fog from a passing warm front. The front will keep mild temperatures in place for a few days until warmer air pushes in by midweek.

The sky should become partly sunny in the afternoon after the shower chance fades. The highs will run from 45-50. The wind should start southwest from 5-15 mph but become east 5-10 mph later on.

An easterly wind is a sign of a low approaching, and that means a small trough should be with us on Monday.  It will bring a 30 percent chance for rain showers along with a morning low of 29 and a high of 46.

Higher pressure should settle in for Tuesday to bring a sunnier sky. By Wednesday, the polar jet stream should shift position to bring temperatures in the 50s for a trio of days.


Sunday: Partly sunny with 30 percent chance for morning rain with high 46 and low 29

Monday: Mostly cloudy with 30 percent rain chance and high of 46 with low 27

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with high 45 and low 30

Wednesday: Partly cloudy with high 54 and low 38

Thursday: Partly sunny with 30 percent rain shower chance with high 54 and low 32