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Sound Off! UWS track team received short shrift

UWS track team received short shrift

The sports article about the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference track and field meet in Sunday’s News Tribune (“Saints men, women win UMAC”) was a negative piece concerning the University of Wisconsin-Superior’s track and field team. The news brief said that the men had “just” 15 points and the women “only” six points. That made it seem like they aren’t very good.

These athletes put in many hours of training each week and they try to win. UWS competes against schools that are two to five times larger than it is. Most events had three, four, five, and even six competitors with times, distances or heights in the top 10 in the nation.

The Upper Midwest Athletic Conference held its meet at the same time. UWS would have been the third-largest school if they had been in that conference. Comparing times from both championships, the UWS men would have won seven events while setting three records if they were in the UMAC. While getting “just” 15 points at the WIAC meet, they would have been very competitive at the UMAC meet. Looking at it from this perspective, 15 points at the WIAC meet wasn’t so bad.

Larry Danielson


Editor’s note: UWS was accepted into the UMAC this week and will begin competing in the 2015-16 season.