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Corps denies easement to complete Dakota Access Pipeline construction in ND

Shipping traffic for Thursday, May 8, 2014

The CSL Assiniboine arrives through the Lake Superior ice on Wednesday. It is expected to depart this morning with a load of coal. (Photo by Diane Hilden)

DULUTH ENTRY Morning: Arthur M. Anderson, arriving to unload limestone; CSL Assiniboine, departing with coal; John D. Leitch, arriving to load iron ore pellets; Hon. James L. Oberstar, arriving to load iron ore pellets (with a special whistle salute to honor former U.S. Rep. James L. Oberstar); Walter J. McCarthy Jr., departing with iron ore pellets; Sam Laud, arriving to unload limestone

Afternoon: Alpena, arriving to unload cement; Arthur M. Anderson, departing for Two Harbors

SUPERIOR ENTRY No traffic expected

TWO HARBORS Morning: St. Clair, arriving to load iron ore pellets

Afternoon: Arthur M. Anderson, arriving to load iron ore pellets; St. Clair, departing with iron ore pellets

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Source: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lake Superior Maritime Visitors Center in Canal Park. Arrival and departure times are not official and can vary widely.