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Saturday's weather for the Northland: Partly cloudy and windy

Adam Clark

TODAY: A ridge of high pressure moves over the Northland to keep us dry, but we see a strong east-northweast wind at 10-20 mph which will keep temperatures cooler by the lake. Highs will be near 41 in Duluth, but will reach mid- to upper-40s away from the lake with partly cloudy skies.

SUNDAY: Overnight Saturday into Sunday we have a 40 percent chance of showers as a large low-pressure system inches its way closer from Nebraska. We should have mostly cloudy skies and will continue to have a strong northeast wind as well. A high- pressure system over the Hudson Bay will force dry air into this system, which should beat back the moisture west into the afternoon as highs reach 44.  But the low-pressure wins out overnight bringing a better chance of rain into Monday morning.

MONDAY: A strong band of rain develops from Int'l. Falls to Iron County, Wis. Places southwest of that line will have some heavy rain, with a 70 percent chance of rain and  overcast skies and lows near 31, which could lead to some freezing precipitation.  Highs will be in the mid-40s.

TUESDAY: We'll start off around 36 and end up near 43 with mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon. It looks like we'll see a break into the morning with mostly cloudy skies as a pocket of dry chilly air pushes in from the high.  But the low moves into eastern Iowa, bringing the swath of moisture back into the evening. Chance of evening precipitation is around 60 percent.

Five-day forecast: 

Saturday: Partly cloudy, windy H: 41 L: 27

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, 40 percent showers H: 44 L: 31

Monday: Cloudy, 70 percent rain H: 45 L: 36

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, 60 percent p.m. showers H: 43 L: 33

Wednesday: Cloudy, 50 percent showers/sprinkles H:51 L: 33