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Toddler, whose mother was stabbed during abduction, found safe; suspect arrested

Rec Scoreboard for May 6, 2014



WEEK 12 OF 14

Handicap: Butch Carter, 855; Beverly Cherro, 844; Raeann Rich, 839; Donna Goeb, 798; Mary Saline, 798; Cheryl Walimaa, 795; Charles Saline, 793; Samantha Stevens, 793; Gene Acklund, 790; Ted Burch, 790

Low in Money: 723

Scratch: Justin Joslin, 990; Joe Marciniak, 989; Todd Savoy, 988; Marty Jobin, 962; Jeff Baker, 961; Gene Acklund, 957; Ryan Savoy, 956; Kyle Kantola, 942; Gerald Ried, 928; Pat Erickson, 917

Low in Money: 875


High Men

April 30, 2014

49x50: Joe Moen, Sam Jacobson

25x25: J.J. Gregorson, Mark Bergren, Marv Hoty, Jens Gregerson

24x25: Jim Thompson, Ernie Flood, Kirk Krause, Rick Krause, Ron Krause

High Women

23x25: Rachel Leland

20x25: Jayn Ross

16x25: Ruth Hoyt

14x25: Virginia Ion

High Junior

25x25: Doug Krause

21x25: Dylon Ion

April 23, 2014

74x75: Dave Compton,

50x50: Rick Washkuhn

49x50: Ralph, Rolson, Tim Waltz, Travis Krause, Kirk Krause

48x50: Ed Abramzon, Jamey Reno

25x25: Jeff Vaughan, Ron Krause, Doug Vana, Sam Jacobson

24x25: Jason Larson, Larry Larson, Bob Zembo, Dean Verlennich, Gil Bascom

High Women

24x25: Rachel Leland

22x25: Pam Olaf, Pat Martineau

19x25: Debbie Richardson

17x25: Virginia Ion

High Junior

22x25: Dylon Ion

20x25: Rodney Olaf

19x25: Gabe Anderson

Final results of 16 yard and Double League

For 2014

High Gun – 16 yards: Rick Washkuhn, 98.6%

High Gun – Doubles: Nick Fetzik, 89.1%

16 yard winning team: Porta Trap I – Doug Vang, Dan Thompson, Travis Krause, Douglas Krause, Don Krisak, Rick Washkuhn, Dennis Doherty

16-year second place team: Shooters Supply – Tom Bolin, Sam Jacobson, Butch Tendrop, Pat Koenen, Ernie Flood, Reg Southerton, Gil Bascom

Doubles winning team: Kirk Krause, Travis Krause, Ron Krause, Rick Krause, Sam Jacobson, Keith Hammerbeck, Mark Bergren

Doubles second place team:

Nick Fetzik, Pat Orgrinc, Brittany Vajol, Chris Klaysmet, Ken Koester, Gerry

Thorn, Cliff Horgan

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