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Puglisi 27-6, Men of Grass 25-8, Rolling Stones 18-12, T-Bonz 17-16, Meatballs 16-17, Sistine Chaps 15-18, Four Old Guys 13-20, Reef 13-20, Italia 4-29.  City Champ - Puglisi - Jim Simone, Dan Klaas,

Joe Valentine.  City Runner-Up – Rolling Stones - Walt Peterson, Jerry Sabick, Steve Budimer.


Leone’s 22-8, World of Wheels 21-9, Banshee Girls 18-12, Power Balls 17-13, Team Overby 15-15, Rocky Rollers 15-15, Field Logic 14-16, Kom On Inn 14-16, Al & Pals 14-16, Hit or Misses 13-17,

T-Bonz 9-21, Knock Outs 8-22.  City Champ – Leone’s - Denice Campanario, Theresa Olson, Barbara Currier, Diane Cochran.  City Runner-Up - T & K Farms - Judy Amotozio, Julianne Raymond, Joy Head, Kim Holland


Whipper Snapper’s 24-9, T & K Farms 20-13, Fraboni’s 17-16, La Bocce Vita 16-17,

Red Beer Pirates 15-18, Mission Imbocceball 7-26.



Final Standings

Barb Luke and Karina Palokangas, 205.5; Ginger Smith and Nicole Booker, 189; Maureen Zupancich and Christel Lewis, 188; Penny Graskey and Michele Reider, 183.5; Brenda Milinkovich and Anitta Reinolt, 180.5; Amy Patenaude, Cyndee Johnson and Pat Kelly, 180; Vicky Schold and Deb Mayhew, 178; Moe Miller and Michelle Nelson, 172; Delores Graden and Amy Van Overmeiren, 168; Rhonda Anderson and Stubby, 164.5; Terri Johnstone and Sharon Nummi, 161.5; Cathy Meysman, Julie Meysman and Lois Oakman, 155.5; Nan Auter, Jan Gallerstedt, and Lyn Larson, 153.5; Gail Erdman and Kathy Nelson, 126.5; Robyn Lings and Christy Frye, 114

Low Scores: Karina Palokangas and Vicky Schold 41; Amy Patenaude 42; Ginger Smith 46; Michele Reider47; Lois Oakman and Julie Meysman 48

Proximities: 11 W Long Putt - Brenda Milinkovich


League Championship

Medalist: Jo Christensen and Mary Thorene (tie)

Low net: Stella Libbesmeier

Champion: Jo Christensen

Runner up: Mary Thorene

1st Flight Winner: Pat Liljedahl

2nd Flight Winner: Janet Young

3rd Flight Winner: Jill Widness

4th Flight Winner: Val Tellor

5th Flight Winner: Karen Bail

6th Flight Winner: Maureen Gunderson

7th Flight Winner: Pat Duncan

8th Flight Winner: Rene Selleck



Aug.27, 2014

Team Results

First Round

Barr Engineering Red 115 - Puglisi’s Gun Emporium 113

Diamond Drilling 119 - Duluth Tire 113

Ziegler 122 - Bluewater Mechanical 119

Electric Systems 106 - Waisted Shells 102

Smitty’s Automotive 121 - Dummy 115

Barr Engineering Blue 120 - ATS Security 109

Gilberg’s 123 - Barr Engineering White 113

Second Round

Ziegler 118 - Barr Engineering Blue 118

Barr Engineering White 123 - Waisted Shells 102

Barr Engineering Red 117 - Dummy 115

Duluth Tire 123 - ATS Security 89

Gilberg’s 121 - Diamond Drilling 120

Electric Systems 110 - Puglisi’s Gun Emporium 105

Smitty’s Automotive 122 - Bluewater Mechanical 114

High Guns

49X50: Dave Gilberg

25X25: Adam Sjodin

Team Standings

Smitty’s Automotive 55

Gilberg’s 48

Diamond Drilling 48

Barr Engineering Blue 40

Bluewater Mechanical 34

Barr Engineering Red 34

Barr Engineering White 33

Electric Systems 32

Puglisi’s Gun Emporium 28

Duluth Tire 27

Dummy 26

Ziegler 23

Waisted Shells 18

ATS Security 16

Superior Trap & Gun Club

Aug. 27, 2014

High Man

50x50: Rick Krause

49x50: Travis, Ernie Flood, Dick Melcher

25x25: Kyle Bukovich

24x25: Don Byram, Don Krisak, Ron Krause, Kirk

High Women

23x25: Rachel Leland

18x25: Virginia Ion

High Junior

47x50: Ty Christianson

25x25: Dillon Ion

23x25: Joby Vang

21x25: Doug Krause

High Doubles

28x30: Sam Jackobson

27x30: Dick Melcher, Kyle Bukovich

26x30: Emerson Stahl

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