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Reader's view: US went from superpower to laughingstock under Obama

President Barack Obama has described al-Qaeda as on the run, on the path to defeat and in other similar ways dozens of times, by my count, since the U.S. consulate at Benghazi got sacked.

Indeed, al-Qaeda is on the run — running all over Syria and Iraq. And if Obama does not recognize what is in front of his face, al-Qaeda soon will be running through the streets of Washington, D.C.

I have never seen a president so clueless and disengaged on national security. When asked about Benghazi, the answer seems to be, “Huh,” On Afghanistan, “I dunno,” and now on Iraq, “Oops.” Americans are “war-weary,” crows the president.

No, it’s not that we are war-weary; we are sick of losing. We lost Iraq. We are headed for defeat in Afghanistan. We’ve lost our economy and health care system. And we’re losing on green energy, global warming and immigration. Obama backs all losers. We are losing on all fronts.

It’s total chaos. America has gone from world superpower to world laughingstock in six years. The country needs a leader, not a loser.

Larry Hendrickson