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Reader's view: Unfair mandate burdens indispensable Postal Service

An Aug. 8 letter gloated that email is eliminating the U.S. Postal Service (“Postal Service has outlived its usefulness”).

Not so. The economy depends on “the check is in the mail.” We pay credit card bills and many other bills; donate to cancer and veterans organizations; send Mother’s Day, graduation and Christmas cards; and we send letters to troops overseas — all by U.S. mail.

But in December 2006 anti-

government extremists quietly passed an unprecedented law requiring the U.S. Postal Service to actually prepay 75 years of retiree health care costs in only 10 years. The Postal Service is the only self-supporting government agency burdened by this expense. Now the unaffordable debt is $48 billion, with two years to go, despite raising postal rates and closing processing centers.

The Wall Street privatization of Social Security was stopped by public outrage. Now we the people have to stop the closing of our post offices.

Arthur Arnold