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Reader's view: Hobby Lobby protesters support babies’ deaths

I find it disgusting that the gals out picketing Hobby Lobby want free reign on their “choice” to end the life of their unborn babies but feel their choice of death should trump anyone else’s choices.

From what I’ve read in the news, Hobby Lobby’s insurance covers birth control to prevent pregnancy but not abortifacients, drugs like the morning-after pill that are intended to end the life of an unborn child. I applaud Hobby Lobby and the court that supported its decision. There have been millions of children slaughtered in the name of “choice” and thrown out with medical waste with no more dignity then a diseased appendix or wart. It’s ghastly!

Some people are more concerned with abandoned kittens and puppies than with all the babies that are being tortured within the womb that’s supposed to nurture them and keep them safe. What a horrific thing for them to have to die like that.

Paula Odegaard