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Reader's view: Democrats do support campaign-finance fairness

With reference to the July 20 letter, “Democrats also get big money from the rich, corporations,” you can bet Republicans are going to minimize the corrupting influence of dark money spent by social “welfare” charities and super PACs. There’s nothing they would like more than using a “they do it too” type of argument.

That’s a good point, except that most Democrats are actively opposing court decisions and legislative rulings that muzzle prudent government oversight and destroy the power of its people to determine political change.

Democrats are not going to step into the ring with a heavyweight champion without availing themselves of the same pair of brass knuckles their opponents wear — you must fight fire with fire. But where are the Republican voices calling for election fairness? Have they challenged the Supreme Court in front of a joint session of Congress like the president did?

Most Democrats are willing to share a democracy based on political parity and support sane limits on political spending. Most Republicans are not. So why try to conceal the elephant in the room that has caused this travesty in the first place?

Anyone can use the argument that both sides do it to gain minimal political credibility, but this claim does not hold up to the fact Democrats are perfectly willing to amend the Citizens United ruling rather than ignore decades of progressive legislation meant to empower real, living, people. If Democrats can depend largely on grass-roots donations and still point out that both parties are effectively making a deal with the devil by using super PACs, then why can’t Republicans do the same? Because Republicans stand a much better chance of winning by disempowering many ordinary middle- and lower-class people.

Peter W. Johnson