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Reader's view: Democrats are correcting the mistakes of Republicans

“Going in the wrong direction” is an often-used phrase by the Republican establishment and an uninformed public without any supportive evidence to back up the claim. I believe Democrats are leading us in the right direction, and here is why.

Our economy has recovered after the Republican’s disastrous recession and the deficit is shrinking faster than under any late Republican president. The unemployment rate is near pre-

recession levels.

President Barack Obama ended the Iraq War and is very near to ending the other Republican war in Afghanistan. In addition, he has used good judgment in not being dragged into military intervention in Libya and Syria as proposed by many Republicans. His foreign policy is based on sound diplomacy and the use of sanctions when applicable.

The Democrats constantly are resisting the Republican policies of restricting voting rights in many states. Reducing the number of days and hours the polls are open has nothing to do with the false claim of voter fraud.

The Democrats have proposed and the Republicans have opposed an increase in the minimum wage; equal pay for women when doing equal work as men; background checks when purchasing firearms; financial disclosure regarding campaign contributions; bringing immigration reform to a vote; and providing affordable health care insurance to all, a proven necessity as shown by the recent disclosure showing Massachusetts’ mortality rate drop for its citizens since its compulsory insurance requirement.

Another major difference between the two parties is climate change. It boggles the mind how anyone cannot understand (or admit to understanding) the underlying causes leading the planet into major consequences unless corrective measures are taken immediately. The GOP denial is an affront to our scientific community.

Wrong direction? Please.

Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to vote Republican.

Burleigh K. Rapp