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Provinzino, Nelson take Late Model features at a caution-filled Twin Ports Twin 25s

Harry Hanson of Eveleth in the No. 7 car and Jeff Provinzino of Hibbing fight for the lead in a Late Model preliminary heat at Amsoil Speedway on Sunday. Provinzino won by .011 of a second. (Steve Kuchera / / 4
Brent Larson of Lake Elmo, Minn., rounds the track during a caution in the first Late Model preliminary heat at Amsoil Speedway. Larson, who was leading when the caution flag came out for a crash, held on to win the heat. (Steve Kuchera / / 4
Scott Herrick of Proctor leaves the track after hitting the wall in turn four during a Late Model preliminary heat at Amsoil Speedway on Sunday. (Steve Kuchera / / 4
Jeffrey Massingill of Keewatin steers through a curve on his way to Late Model preliminary heat victory at Amsoil Speedway on Sunday. (Steve Kuchera / / 4

Jeff Provizino of Hibbing looked plenty fast in the first 25-lap Late Model feature at the Amsoil Twin Ports Twin 25s on Sunday before about 1,200 at Amsoil Speedway in Superior.

There was just one problem: There were nine other fast cars in front of him.

Provinzino didn’t have a much better starting spot in the second 25-lap Late Model feature on Sunday, but he proved to be a survivor.

Provinzino took advantage of the caution-filled finale, winning by about six car lengths over Kyle Peterlin of Hibbing.

“This feels great,” Provinzino said. “We’ve had some really bad luck. For the last two or three weeks, it seems like nothing has gone right, so it’s nice to top this weekend off on a high note.”

Provinzino and Darrell Nelson of Hermantown earned $1,500 apiece for winning the two Late Model features, while Provinzino earned a $500 bonus for being the highest overall winner, having surged from 10th to fourth in the race Nelson won.

“I’ve got a great team,” Provinzino said. “Racing all over can be tough, but they definitely make it easier.”

The second Late Model feature resembled demolition derby at times. It was a battle of attrition, with only 12 of the 24 cars that started the race making it to the end.

There were six yellow flags and one red flag for what was thought to be a rollover.

“I’ve never seen so many wrecks. I mean, bad wrecks,” Provinzino said. “I was somehow able to sneak out of every one of them. I’m lucky just to be standing here.”

  • After Nelson won the first Late Model feature, winning a dual with pole sitter Harry Hanson of Eveleth, Nelson had to draw numbers to determine the starting order for the second Late Model feature that night. He drew the No. 13, meaning the top 13 finishers from the first race would start in inverted order for the second race.

“It’s always fun racing Harry because I know it’s going to be competitive but clean,” Nelson said. “The crowd wants to see great racing, and if we give them great racing, even more fans will come out to support us.”

Starting 13th in the second Late Model feature, Nelson made a push before breaking midway through and going to the pits.

  • Late Model drivers Mark Rose from Elcho, Wis., Greg Ferris of Emo, Ontario, and John Toppozini of Thunder Bay, Ontario, were the Long Tow Award winners for coming to the farthest to compete on Sunday, each receiving a $100 bonus. With Canada enjoying a public holiday today, called Civic Holiday, there was a strong contingent of Canadians in attendance and campers in the parking lot.

Overcast conditions probably scared off some race fans, but not the Canadians.

Amsoil Twin Ports Twin 25s

At Amsoil Speedway, Superior

Friday’s Feature Results

Late Models

Feature 2

1. Jeff Provinzino, 2. Kyle Peterlin, 3. Tim McMann, 4. Steve Laursen, 5. Harry Hanson, 6. Chris Olson, 7. Greg Ferris, 8. Terry Lillo, 9. Scott Herrick, 10. Cory Jorgensen, 11. Roger Paolo, 12. John Toppozini. DNF: Mark Rose, Kevin Carlson, Todd Gehl, Gregg Hill, Darrell Nelson, Trevor Wilson, Bobby Carlson, Zach Wohlers, David Fieber, Jeff Massingill, Robbie Cooper. DNS: Brent Larson.

Feature 1

1. Nelson, 2. Hanson, 3. Fieber, 4. Provinzino, 5. Laursen, 6. McMann, 7. Gehl, 8. Peterlin, 9. Olson, 10. Massingill, 11. Wilson, 12. Ferris, 13. Wohlers, 14. B. Carlson, 15. Hill, 16. Cooper, 17. Lillo, 18. Toppozini, 19. Herrick. DNF: Jorgensen, Larson, Paolo, Rose, K. Carlson.

Midwest Modifieds

1. Dan Kingsley, 2. Mack Estey, 3. Dan Wilson, 4. Kyle Matuska, 5. Deven VanHouse, 6. Kevin Monteith, 7. Jeff Klopstein, 8. Don Scholler, 9. Skeeter Estey, 10. Brady Caul, 11. Cody Calrson, 12. Tyler Vernon, 13. David Simpson, 14. Andrew Inman, 15. J.R. Anderson, 16. Josh Heavirland. DNF: Rob Ranttalo, Brad Seavers, Justin Madsen, Don Craig, Chris Bretting, Jake Gondik, Allan Bohlman, Carey LePage, Jason Schill..

Pure Stocks

1. Michael Blevins, 2. Josh Loucks, 3. Chad Carlson, 4. Glenn Dammer, 5. Ryan Savoy, 6. Steve Udeen, 7. Dan Follett, 8. Shaina Rapp, 9. Chad Nikstad, 10. John Hammitt, 11. Lucas Carlson, 12. Matthew Cunha, 13. Zene Anderson. DNF: Matt Hammitt, Mark Korte.