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Property Transactions for May 5, 2014

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Duluth property transactions

April 24 - May 1

1412 101st Ave. W., Sara and Durwood Robison III purchased from David Wolden Jr. and Paige Kohler for $120,000, residential, 4/14.


2403 W. 15th St., Ardell Miller purchased from Judith Wiecki for $114,500, residential, 4/14.

401 N. 26th Ave. W., Richard D. and Leah J. Roushar purchased from Kara and Aaron R. Cragin for $109,900, residential, 4/14.

324 N. 27th Ave. W., Linda D. Krassau purchased from Lucy S. and James Chuk for $32,500, residential, 4/14.

225 N. 36th Ave. E., Guixiu Xiong and Guanhua Wu purchased from Jack W. Bowman for $389,000, residential, 4/14.

1520 N. 42nd Ave. E., Warren and Julie Ramsey purchased from Bruno M. and Mary A. Giovannoni for $320,000, residential, 4/14.

416 N. 51st Ave. W., Alyssa R. Jones purchased from William E. and Tina L. Myers for $145,000, residential, 4/14.

105 N. 54th Ave. E., Anthony T. Laspina purchased from Michael Schraepfer for $98,000, residential, 4/14.

414 N. 59th Ave. W., Travis L. and Rachel C. Peterson purchased from Rebecca A. Herrick for $126,900, residential, 4/14.

101 E. Anoka St., Rickey O. Frederickson purchased from the Jean A. Ferguson lifetime trust for $225,000, residential, 4/14.

202 W. Arrowhead Road, Timothy and Elsbeth Stark purchased from Craig Amundson and Deb Juntunen for $165,000, residential, 4/14.

1408 N. Central Ave., Elizabeth F. and Jesse R. Horngren purchased from Jeremiah Modeen and Nico Anderson for $90,000, residential, 4/14.

916 Chester Park Drive, Jonathan F. and Nancy L. Rova purchased from Nathan S. and Katie M. Shaw for $276,700, residential, 4/14.

1125 Como Ave., Robert E. and Mary C. Monson purchased from Ladd Lynne Ohlsson for $315,000, residential, 4/14.

4020 Cooke St., Samuel J. and Kathryn R. Anderson purchased from Melissa R. and Robert W. Lucas for $112,000, residential, 4/14.

3001 Devonshire St., Jeremiah Modeen and Nicol Anderson purchased from David J. and Elizabeth A. Modeen for $40,000, residential, 4/14.

531 N. Eighth Ave. W., Paul C. Uecker purchased from Talbert I. Oland for $94,900, residential, 4/14.

4301 W. Eighth St., Ruth Rollefson and Josh Rostollan purchased from Bengals LLC for $100,000, residential, 4/14.

52 E. Faribault St., Eric and Joanne K. Swinkels purchased from Amy J. and Jon Engel for $147,000, residential, 4/14.

3531 E. First St., Benjamin R. Koch purchased from John J. and Brenda L. Baga for $435,000, residential, 4/14.

1925 W. First St., Grand Avenue Development purchased from Franklin Foods for $125,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/14.

305 W. Gary St., Judith Wiecki purchased from Michael A. and Jill C. Knaack for $156,000, residential, 4/14.

4308 Grand Ave., Nathan R. Larson purchased from Grand Motel Inc. for $148,000, residential, 4/14.

9900 Hudson Boulevard, Unit 105, Rebecca A. Herrick purchased from James J. and Christina M. Rogers for $223,000, residential, 4/14.

1126 Mesaba Ave., Unit 218, Sally A. Burger purchased from North American Banking Co. for $237,500, residential, 4/14.

121 Mitchell Circle, Brittany N. and Andrew S. Radzak purchased from Kristin A. and John M. Schultz for $117,500, residential, 4/14.

3802 Rockview Court, Otto and Angela Enzmann purchased from Nicholas A. and Amy L. Itzin for $345,000, residential, 4/14.

1321 N. Seventh Ave. E., Daniel C. Juntti purchased from Nathan W. and Kelly M.E. Ziemski for $122,000, residential, 4/14.

4816 W. Sixth St., Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth purchased from Aaron and Nicole B. White for $1, residential, 4/14.

505 W. Superior St., Duluth Hotel Ventures LLC purchased from TB Duluth LLC for $8,200,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/14.

326 Wadena St., Meghan L. and Erich J. Jenson purchased from Adrienne and David Lommel for $130,500, residential, 4/14.

Residential bare land, David B. Tyacke and Chery Erickson purchased from Menard Inc. for $52,000, 4/14.