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Property transactions for July 7, 2014

Duluth property transactions

May 29 through July 3

1124 E. 10th St., James and Cindy Sund purchased from John and Gloria Bowen for $130,000, residential, 4/14.

1105 E. 10th St., Otto S. and Steven H. Unruh purchased from Jennifer Gordon Hughes for $139,000, residential, 5/14.

118 W. 10th St., Sarah M. Kadlec purchased from Donna Howard for $84,000, residential, 5/14.

4109 100th Ave. W., Wayne Graves and Eve Stein purchased from Pasquale T. Sackette for $236,100, residential, 5/14.

102 E. 11th St., Adam G. Pedersen purchased from Launa L. and John S. Hanna for $108,000, residential, 5/14.

210 N. 13th Ave. E., Christensen Investment Group purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $124,000, residential, 5/14.

319 N. 28th Ave. W., Jim Martin purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $19,900, residential, 5/14.

201 N. 38th Ave. W., Justin Niemann and Monita Gibson purchased from Lisa A. Bergherr for $67,000, residential, 5/14.

513 N. 39th Ave. W., Jacob and Elizabeth Decatur purchased from Joseph Odell for $125,000, residential, 5/14.

501 N. 42nd Ave. W., Rosalyn J. Sandeen purchased from Garry Sandeen, et al, for $80,000, residential, 5/14.

623 N. 43rd Ave. W., Spencer M. Luukkonen purchased from Gerald W. and Julie K. Guddeck for $130,000, residential, 5/14.

909 N. 49th Ave. E., Christopher Hedblom purchased from Jared W. and Amy J. Demaster for $157,500, residential, 5/14.

223 S. 56th Ave. W., Patrick W. Ismil purchased from Kathleen and Joseph M. Rich for $86,000, residential, 5/14.

7 S. 60th Ave. W., Daniel and Curt Rossow purchased from Leila M. Vandamme for $105,000, residential, 5/14.

417 S. 69th Ave. W., Derek R. Walczak purchased from Daniel L. and Rebecca A. Laplante for $71,000, residential, 5/14.

411 N. 76th Ave. W., Jordan Decaro and Ryke Holm purchased from Beneficial Loan and Thrift Co. for $45,000, residential, 5/14.

317 N. 77th Ave. W., Broc H. Nelson purchased from Jay A. Pederson for $88,500, residential, 5/14.

431 N. 83rd Ave. W., Wendy and Oscar Jenkins purchased from Johnpaul G. Jones for $87,500, residential, 5/14.

1006 87th Ave. W., Chad and Nicole Derosier purchased from HAR Enterprises LLC for $25,000, residential, 5/14.

122 96th Ave. W., Helen J. and Joseph J. Jamnick purchased from Ruth E. Rounds for $127,000, residential, 5/14.

1314 97th Ave. W., Pamela R. Jenson purchased from Arthur J. Rissanen for $79,900, residential, 5/14.

1413 98th Ave. W., William B. Boisjoli purchased from Bryon C. and Lynn Hawes for $79,900, residential, 5/14.

511 Anderson Road, Elias and Casey Hildreth purchased from Franklyn W. Honer for $139,000, residential, 5/14.

219 E. Anoka St., Jay G. Finnerty purchased from Casey and Stephanie J. Gillman for $116,000, residential, 5/14.

2363 Apple Ridge Drive, Evelyn T. Kehtel purchased from Matthew G. and Audelis Verhoff for $210,000, residential, 5/14.

129 E. Arrowhead Road, Bright Enterprises LLC purchased from Bryan F. Brown for $139,900, residential, 5/14.

618 Atlantic Ave., Catalin T. and Maria A. Antonescu purchased from Daniel C. and Alisha J. Thompson for $69,500, residential, 5/14.

910 Baylis St., Carl W. and Janet D. Schramm purchased from Kathleen J. Bianco for $158,000, residential, 6/14.

1014 Bong Boulevard, Michel C. Harry purchased from Katie J. Lanzer for $131,000, residential, 6/14.

23 Bruce St., Rajkowski, Nelson and Sinotte purchased from Danny M. and Susan P. Lee for $140,000, residential, 5/14.

154 E. Buffalo St., Alicia and Dennis Kim purchased from Michael R. and Rhoda D. Robinson for $214,000, residential, 5/14.

304 E. Buffalo St., Kathleen Neff and Frank Garcia purchased from Mary and James R. Spenningsby for $211,900, residential, 5/14.

2416 Chambersburg Ave., John G. Facciotto purchased from Charlotte Erickson and David Eklof for $110,000, residential, 6/14.

3415 Chambersburg Ave., Ronald S. Johnson purchased from Helland, Ogston, Persgard, et al, for $140,000, residential, 5/14.

219 E. Chisholm St., Christopher J. Messer purchased from Angela and Jeremy McLeod for $70,000, residential, 6/14.

34 W. Chisholm St., Gary W. and Jeanine H. Johnston purchased from JPMC Specialty Mortgage LLC for $72,000, residential, 5/14.

4415 Cooke St., Todd J. and Robyn M. Madole purchased from Matthew S. and Addie C. Licari for $210,000, residential, 5/14.

520 Crystal Drive, Patrick A. and Kristal M. Brannan purchased from Eric Siljendahl and Kara A. Downs for $355,000, residential, 5/14.

4922 Dodge St., Thomas and Ann M. Walchuk purchased from Stacey A. Marcum for $176,000, residential, 5/14.

5815 W. Eighth St., Andrew J. and Emily Lundgren purchased from Scott and Lynn Hanson for $125,500, residential, 5/14.

1320 Eklund Ave., Taylor E. Bjork purchased from Keith Frink, et al, for $95,800, residential, 5/14.

127 W. Faribault St., Elizabeth A. and Duane Young purchased from Rickey L. Frederickson for $118,900, residential, 5/14.

221 E. Fifth St., Al M. Cismowski trustee purchased from Katherine S. Lindstrom for $96,900, residential, 5/14.

223 E. Fifth St., Al M. Cismowski trustee purchased from Katherine S. Lindstrom for $94,900, residential, 5/14.

1302 W. Fifth St., Matthew D. and Laura L. Whittaker purchased from Anne Lewis for $252,500, residential, 5/14.

2124 E. Fifth St., Tarek N. and Elsayed M. Al-geddawy purchased from Nicole M. Madsen and Paul D. Mayer for $263,000, residential, 6/14.

1819 W. First St., Tris P. Rude and Brent G. Bernhardt purchased from Ranay Lee Gergen revocable trust for $77,500, apartment, 6/14.

3011 W. First St., Wendy K. Brookner purchased from Jack B. Cameron for $103,400, residential, 6/14.

511 N. Fourth Ave. W., Aaron G. Hornibrook purchased from Ronald M. and Anna M. Matta for $87,000, residential, 5/14.

2410-1/2 W. Fourth St., David Taylor purchased from Adeline Erickson for $11,500, residential, 5/14.

4516 Gladstone St., Kara A. Downs purchased from Marnie A. Johnson for $174,000, residential, 5/14.

4910 Glenwood St., Adam and Sabrina Tleefson purchased from Alicia N. and Dennis Kim for $151,500, residential, 5/14.

828 Grand View Ave., Nelson Family 2003 trust purchased from Carry Chomicz and Lisa Kane for $194,500, residential, 5/14.

2436 Harvey St., Andrew C. and Karen L. Orthober purchased from Jason S. and Anna M. Abbott for $139,900, residential, 5/14.

312 Hawkins St., Rebecca M. Patronas and Mark Lind purchased from John R. and Patrisia L. Stasney for $189,000, residential, 5/14.

2311 Hoover St., Natalie R. Brendon purchased from Kristian J. Narveson for $159,900, residential, 5/14.

4621 Jay St., Lucas and Leah Popp purchased from Kristina L. Schulte for $157,000, residential, 5/14.

2207 Karl Ave., Robert W. and Judith A. King purchased from Roman F. and Eloise M. Pass for $320,000, residential, 6/14.

418 Lakeview Ave., Thomas M. and Karen W. Niedermier purchased from Gregory S. and Kelly Yetter for $256,000, residential, 5/14.

2136 Lakeview Drive, Joel and Emily Vikre purchased from Therese J. Presley for $339,900, residential, 5/14.

310 Maryland St., John R. and Carrie S. Kelsey purchased from Thomas D. Annear for $161,000, residential, 5/14.

20 W. McCuen St., Ryan Leppanen purchased from Joseph E. Karo for $97,000, residential, 5/14.

1924 Minnesota Ave., David N. and Cheryl M. Bengston purchased from Elisa Troiani for $310,000, residential, 6/14.

2307 Minnesota Ave., Rand J. Sola and Jamie E. Seaburg purchased from Billy D. and Janice L. Hilliard for $252,500, residential, 6/14.

203 Mitchell Circle, Jennifer E. and Joel Ness purchased from Pat R. Winters for $110,000, residential, 5/14.

2332 Nanticoke St., Erika L. and Allan T. Lamb purchased from Nicholas Shermer for $137,500, residential, 5/14.

1217 E. Ninth St., Kelsey Hilgendorf purchased from Craig Simensen and Marcia Chabot for $131,000, residential, 5/14.

3821 Norton Road, Brett R. Schelde purchased from Diane M. Cossette for $225,000, residential, 5/14.

5202 Oneida St., Euthenia Holdings LLC purchased from Barbara J. Harthan for $140,000, residential, 5/14.

364 Pacific Ave., One Roof Community Housing purchased from David A. and Mary Ann Lick for $56,650, residential, 5/14.

600 W. Redwing St., Shaina Connolly and Wyatt Knight purchased from Mark A. Robinson for $81,500, residential, 5/14.

2131 E. Second St., Cory and Michelle Fairchild purchased from Larry, Brenda and Mary Jeneson for $324,900, residential, 5/14.

2711 W. Second St., Meghan Albert purchased from Adam Drinkwine for $76,500, residential, 5/14.

1535 N. Seventh Ave. E., Brandon Agenter purchased from Evelyn S. Nappe for $70,000, residential, 5/14.

1432 N. Seventh Ave. E., Corwin P. Groom III purchased from Francine M. Tryon for $95,000, residential, 5/14.

1149 N. Sixth Ave. E., Robert E. Jr. and Gina Lee purchased from Scott Brickles and Emily Heid for $119,000, residential, 5/14.

310 E. Sixth St., Al M. Cismowski trustee purchased from Katherine S. Lindstrom for $59,900, residential, 5/14.

4023 W. Sixth St., Angela M. Hansen purchased from Lynn R. Hawes for $82,500, residential, 5/14.

301 E. Sixth St., Daniel Lang purchased from Leah M. and Ian T. Anderson for $94,900, residential, 5/14.

4217 W. Sixth St., Red Roof Community Housing purchased from Wells Fargo Bank trustee for $52,000, residential, 5/14.

706 W. Skyline Parkway, Kathryn A. and Justin Conklin purchased from John D. and Andrea J. Martin for $130,000, residential, 5/14.

2607 W. Skyline Parkway, Rickie S. Jr. and Jenny Brewer purchased from Robyn K. Pearson for $168,900, residential, 5/14.

2805 E. Superior St., Kelly and Mark S. Summers purchased from Susan Valentine and Eric Rian for $130,000, residential, 5/14.

3801 E. Third St., Jennifer L. and Matthew V. Vacek purchased from David M. Johnson for $255,000, residential, 5/14.

2325 W. Third St., Philip L. Potvien purchased from Mary J. Bailey for $72,100, residential, 5/14.

2105 E. Third St., Russell P. Lemker and Gena Bossert purchased from Sharnell R. Valentine for $285,000, residential, 5/14.

5324 Tioga St., Andrew C. Kainz purchased from Ruth A. and Duane Delich for $182,900, residential, 5/14.

5820 Tioga St., Jeramy Katchuba and Gina Miller purchased from Helen L. Yetter for $202,100, residential, 5/14.

16 Vassar St., Matthew D. Stroozas purchased from Ryan S. Rozinka for $139,900, residential, 5/14.

8120 Vinland St., Paul M. Michelizzi purchased from Michael Sawyer for $132,900, residential, 5/14.

12810 Water St., Bonnie Douglas purchased from Sidney W. and Nancy J. Bruhjell for $124,900, seasonal-recreational res, 5/14.

12810 Water St., city of Duluth purchased from Bonnie Douglas for $116,300, seasonal-recreational res, 5/14.

427 Wildwood Drive, Richard D. and Janice Lenes purchased from Alan F. Lee for $165,500, residential, 5/14.

326 E. Willow St., Philip Matson purchased from Bank of New York Mellon trust for $46,000, residential, 4/14.

124 W. Winona St., Nicholas M. Salo purchased from Philip Dentinger and Connie Wanek for $119,900, residential, 5/14.

1809 Woodland Ave., Shawn and Erin Houser purchased from Campus North LLC for $166,000, residential, 6/14.

Address unassigned, Christopher Juntunen purchased from Dean P. Alexander for $245,000, residential, 5/14.

Address unassigned, Karen Sethi purchased from North American Banking Co. for $200,000, residential, 5/14.

Address unassigned, Laura Olson purchased from Raymond M. Lagergren for $155,000, residential, 5/14.

Address unassigned, Teresa M. Schneider purchased from Daniel A. and Sunhe Gilderman for $120,000, residential, 5/14.

Residential bare land, Aaron and Ingrid Hornibrook purchased from Elisabeth Congdon Mason trust for $4,100, residential - bare land, 5/14.

Residential bare land, Andrew and Sharon Scheidel purchased from Douglas Berg for $79,000, residential - bare land, 4/14.

Residential bare land, Green Capital LLC purchased from John I. and Mary Thomas for $92,500, residential - bare land, 5/14.

Residential bare land, Menard Inc. purchased from Michael R. and Lucia M. Shoberg for $63,500, residential - bare land, 5/14.

Residential bare land, Patrice Larson purchased from Donald Pedersen for $23,000, residential - bare land, 5/14.

Bare land, Douglas Berg purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $44,843, 4/14.

Bare land, Jon Aamedt and John Woodworth purchased from city of Duluth for $11,000, 5/14.

Bare land, Joseph J. and Zoaron M. Swanson purchased from Roger W. Reinardy for $530,000, seasonal-recreational res, 5/14.

Bare land, Vianne Rask and Norman Opack purchased from city of Duluth for $17,774, 5/14.