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Property Transactions for July 21, 2014

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business Duluth,Minnesota 55802
Duluth News Tribune
Property Transactions for July 21, 2014
Duluth Minnesota 424 W. First St. 55802

Duluth property transactions

July 3-17

816 N. 17th Ave. E., Kara R. Thoemke purchased from Daniel P. and Stacy J. Tomhave for $182,000, residential, 6/14.

219 N. 18th Ave. W., Lonnie M. Hillman purchased from Black Flint LLC for $142,900, residential, 6/14.

521 N. 39th Ave. W., John R. Forcier purchased from Solberg & Tapper for $93,634, residential, 5/14.

410 N. 48th Ave. W., Joseph and Dana Billings purchased from Laura and Lynn D. Peterson for $42,000, residential, 6/14.

3717 94th Ave. W., Casey A. and Carli J. Lombardi purchased from Karl G. Wicklund for $205,000, residential, 6/14.

601 Anderson Road, Amy M. Houde purchased from Lucas B. and Chelsey M. Harju for $180,000, residential, 6/14.

1919 Anderson Road, Paul A. Leveille purchased from Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $102,373, residential, 5/14.

8706 Beverly St., Jonathan L. and Erika Meece purchased from Elizabeth M. Goeden for $132,000, residential, 6/14.

219 S. Blackman Ave., Brian M. and Lisa A. Henrikson purchased from Scott L. Toso for $158,900, residential, 7/14.

212 N. Blackman Ave., Paul D. Strauss purchased from Chad A. Schmidtke for $170,000, residential, 6/14.

715 Bong Boulevard, Kirsten Jacobson Stasney purchased from Erin M. and Mark A. Fitzgibbons for $137,000, residential, 6/14.

1501 Brainerd Ave., Jonathan and Lauren Ballmer purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $198,700, residential, 5/14.

1512 Cliff Ave., George G. and Elizabeth J. Goldfarb purchased from Linda Krug and Leslie Beiers for $505,000, residential, 6/14.

4603 Dodge St., William L. Martin purchased from Jeffrey Aili for $181,000, residential, 6/14.

4219 W. Eighth St., Premier Three Developers purchased from Bank of America for $59,851, residential, 2/14.

2418 E. Eighth St., Thomas G. and Elizabeth M. Allen purchased from Zikmund Family LLP for $149,500, residential, 6/14.

4805 W. Fifth St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from U.S. National Bank for $17,000, residential, 6/14.

3955 Fountain Gate Drive, Sheree L. Christian and Dan Vaught purchased from A & A Development Co. LLC for $259,850, residential, 5/14.

2726 W. Fourth St., Troy and Summer Emison purchased from Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. for $30,000, residential, 5/14.

535 Garfield Ave., Steven and Vicki Veit purchased from Kleiman & Contarro for $950,000, commercial (with buildings), 6/14.

5801 Glenwood St., Kyle and Adrianne Osmundson purchased from Christopher and Sharon Gardner for $206,500, residential, 6/14.

839 Grand View Ave., Seth Mcguire and Kelly Coughlan purchased from Kraig S. Zibolski for $151,250, residential, 6/14.

3800 Greysolon Road, Christopher and Kelli Priley purchased from Johnson & Poppenberg for $375,000, residential, 5/14.

5306 Ivanhoe St., Mitchell D. and Kathryn A. Rautio purchased from Ronald S. and Judy A. Gerst for $215,000, residential, 6/14.

4727 Jay St., Mark and Rachel Vanrossem purchased from Tucker and Katie Hanlon for $169,900, residential, 6/14.

907 Madison Ave., Dennis Hammond and Kathleen Dodge purchased from Dawn M. Kohl for $95,000, residential, 6/14.

503 Madison Ave., John A. and Deborah L. Dvorak purchased from James A. and Beverly A. Houle for $112,500, residential, 5/14.

1906 Middle Lane, Timothy P. and Kimberly A. Esser purchased from Jeffrey Amendola and Irene Carr for $760,000, residential, 5/14.

220 Misquah Road, Thomas C. and Michelle L. Stender purchased from Robert G. and Maureen K. Ryan for $750,000, residential, 6/14.

6514 Nashua St., Zachary W. and Mary Calles purchased from Susan Vandamme for $176,000, residential, 5/14.

4808 Otsego St., Keri E. Saline purchased from Patrick and Mina Bradley for $173,000, residential, 6/14.

5020 Peabody St., Christine Krautbauer purchased from Marilyn and Robert Dalbeck for $205,000, residential, 5/14.

4810 Peabody St., Tyler Yngsdal and Jenna L. Ellis purchased from Jane E. Leblanc for $139,900, residential, 6/14.

6514 Polk St., Jane M. Warren purchased from Frank Hanson III Construction for $85,000, residential, 5/14.

4223 Regent St., Justin M. and Emily A. Henriksen purchased from Donald E. and Gloria J. Byers for $104,900, residential, 6/14.

510 Rose St., Kevin Kopel-Anderson purchased from Timothy S. Mcdade for $95,000, residential, 6/14.

223 N. Seventh Ave. W., Brittany Hecker and I. Hansen purchased from Kyle W. and Emma L. Sundberg for $101,000, residential, 5/14.

2111 W. Sixth St., Trang Thi Kieu Vo and Cuong Nguyen purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $34,000, residential, 6/14.

625 E. Skyline Parkway, Stephanie J. Mullen purchased from Michael L. and Mary H. Kleven for $187,500, residential, 6/14.

2531 E. Third St., Nathan R. Reynolds purchased from Dean A. Casperson for $165,600, residential, 6/14.

5024 Tioga St., Martha Dwyer and Daniel Kuberra Dwyer purchased from John P. and Sandra L. Netzel for $230,000, residential, 6/14.

2151 Vermilion Road, George A. Jr. and Lila K. Davis purchased from Nels J. and Sara D. Ojard for $263,000, residential, 6/14.

320 Wadena St., Teri A. Walsh purchased from Dale M. and Joan C. Maiers for $179,000, residential, 5/14.

Address unassigned, Roy Marlow purchased from 311 Superior LLC for $425,000, residential, 6/14.

Apartment bare land, Michael Morhaim purchased from Michael E. Skadsberg for $23,000, 6/14.

Residential bare land, Nancy and Chester Nelson purchased from Nelson Living Trust for $30,000, 6/14.

Residential bare land, Skorco Inc. purchased from New Market Bank for $47,900, 5/14.

Bare land, Larsmont 325 LLC purchased from Scott C Properties LLC for $162,000, seasonal-recreational res, 4/14.

Bare land, Skorco Inc. purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $63,900, 5/14.