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Property transactions for Aug. 18, 2014

Duluth property transactions

July 31 through Aug. 15

332 N. 13th Ave. E., Easton Dgold Properties purchased from Peacock Properties LLC for $138,000, residential, 6/14.

1324 N. 19th Ave. E., Thomas and Suzanne Kunze purchased from Martha A. Eayrs for $165,000, residential, 7/14.

228 S. 19th Ave. E., Warren M. and Tanya E. Taylor purchased from Angela K. Miller for $148,000, residential, 6/14.

817 N. 23rd Ave. W., Thomas P. and Lora Garvey purchased from Wells Fargo Bank NA for $81,000, residential, 5/14.

132 N. 34th Ave. W., 34th Avenue LLC purchased from Beacon Bank for $400,000, commercial (with buildings), 6/14.

710 N. 42nd Ave. W., Mary E. Zakovich purchased from Heather M. Anderson for $134,000, residential, 6/14.

814 N. 47th Ave. E., Amy B. and Joshua J. Allen purchased from Jedediah Sajec for $123,000, residential, 6/14.

222 S. 56th Ave. W., Premier Three Developers Inc. purchased from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. for $26,000, residential, 6/14.

317 N. 75th Ave. W., Derek and Alyna Turnbull purchased from Andrew and Kristi M. Lundgren for $125,000, residential, 6/14.

432 S. 93rd Ave. W., Jesse A. and Julie A. Marano purchased from Louis V. and Patricia J. St. George for $114,900, residential, 6/14.

802 N. Arlington Ave., Taylor Clement purchased from Diana E. and Seth Harvey for $140,000, residential, 6/14.

1031 W. Arrowhead Road, Xuan Li and Xuping Sun purchased from Paul and Heather Licke for $134,222, residential, 6/14.

2901 Branch St., Jennifer and Samuel H. Farnham Jr. purchased from Marshall A. and Marianne Fightlin for $245,000, residential, 6/14.

2314 Butte Ave., Matthew G. and Britt S. Jones purchased from Jennifer R. and Samuel H. Farnham for $199,900, residential, 6/14.

2 W. Central Ent, Kwik Trip, a Wisconsin Corporation purchased from McWeb Corporation, a Minnesota Corporation for $800,000, commercial (with buildings), 6/14.

14 W. Central Entrance, Kwik Trip Inc., a Wisconsin Corporation purchased from Inter City Oil Co. for $175,000, commercial (with buildings), 6/14.

6411 Cody St., Andrea M. and Clyde W. Ekbom purchased from Jon D. and Beverly J. Vanalstine for $87,000, residential, 6/14.

202 Coffee Creek Blvd., Elizabeth J. and David A. Eklund purchased from DNJ Properties LLC for $320,000, residential - bare land, 7/14.

4623 Colorado St., Anthony Lund purchased from Judy M. Nelson for $185,000, residential, 6/14.

2145 Columbus Ave., John and Michelle Nephew purchased from Christopher K. and Paula M. Daube for $352,000, residential, 6/14.

1216 Diamond Ave., Peter W. and Tessa Nickila purchased from Britt S. and Matt G. Jones for $115,000, residential, 6/14.

1615 Dodge Ave., Jedediah J. and Nikole L. Sajec purchased from Roberta Komrska for $177,000, residential, 6/14.

916 N. Ebony Ave., William Mourin purchased from Elijah Madrinich for $187,000, residential, 7/14.

320 N. Eighth Ave. W., Francisco and Stephanie Torres purchased from James R. Semmelroth for $123,800, residential, 6/14.

2413 W. Fifth St., Panagiotis Stathopoylos purchased from Glenn, Theresa and Timothy Wallen for $66,000, residential, 6/14.

1618 E. Fifth St., Sonja J. Englund purchased from Loren Morse for $130,000, residential, 6/14.

3914 Fountain Gate Drive, Daniel Svendsen purchased from Joyce W. and James D. Murphy Jr. for $295,000, residential, 6/14.

1308 E. Fourth St., Easton Dblue Properties LLC purchased from Peacock Properties for $103,000, residential, 6/14.

1930 Gearhart St., Robert R. Doblar purchased from John T. and Joan O. Bates for $100,000, residential, 6/14.

4410 Glenwood St., Daniel Kraft purchased from Christopher A. Keturi for $108,000, residential, 5/14.

3400 Greysolon Road, Lawrence J. and Lisa M. Stock purchased from Michael G. and Joanne K. Lundstrom for $610,000, residential, 6/14.

521 W. Ideal St., Audrey R. Olson purchased from Brian M. and Stacie C. Hansen for $219,900, residential, 6/14.

718 W. Ideal St., Kevin S. Mustonen and Amy E. Funk purchased from Brian J. and Kelly Kregness for $156,000, residential, 6/14.

5102 Ivanhoe St., Tino J. and Kristin M. Kalamaris purchased from Nancy S. Kastelic for $214,900, residential, 6/14.

4411 Jay St., Daniel T. and Ayla Dougherty purchased from Alex and Krista Bastien for $185,000, residential, 6/14.

2310 Jefferson St., Michael P. and Megan B. Anderson purchased from Romarc LLC for $155,000, residential, 6/14.

5111 Kingston St., Cory J. Elkington purchased from Terri Lynn Cullen for $295,500, residential, 6/14.

662 Leicester Ave., Donald A. and Alyssa R. Pearson purchased from David L. and Carole K. Copeland for $258,300, residential, 4/14.

115 Lemon St., Robert J. and Bradley J. Nelson purchased from Randy J. and Joyce Simonson for $91,000, residential, 6/14.

1881 Lester River Road, Gordon R. Atol purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $46,500, residential, 6/14.

239 E. Locust St., Richard A. Rohwedder purchased from Steven L. and Christina N. Johnson for $191,500, residential, 6/14.

5220 London Road, Beth A. and William C. Gardner purchased from Thomas Shannon for $350,000, residential, 7/14.

716 Mellwood Ave., Robert P. and Emily E. Raleigh purchased from Sinisa Vujkovic for $419,000, residential, 6/14.

2703 Northridge Drive, Blanche B. Ebert and Michael Slag purchased from Tracey and Peter Kolar for $111,500, residential - bare land, 7/14.

4923 Oakley St., James C. and Sarah K. Walker purchased from Lenette W. and Rocco J. Ierino for $159,900, residential, 6/14.

1313 Old Howard Mill Road, John and Kristi Palmer purchased from Douglas Blackmore and M. Lemasurierm for $471,000, residential - bare land, 6/14.

13 W. Palm St., Kwik Trip Inc., a Wisconsin Corporation purchased from Walter C. Goodman for $100,000, residential, 6/14.

1928 Piedmont Ave., Adam J. Tullgren purchased from Clifford A. Nikka for $154,900, residential, 6/14.

2524 Providence Road, Kirk F. Weisinger purchased from Linda M. White for $251,500, residential, 6/14.

144 W. Redwing St., Mary Holschuh and Michael Baker purchased from U.S. Bank National Association for $115,000, residential, 6/14.

3515 E. Second St., Daniel Wolbrink and A. Mcallister purchased from Karl W. and Margaret A. Honigman for $339,500, residential, 7/14.

202 E. Seventh St., Allen and Barbara Wilson purchased from Christopher R. Juntunen for $117,000, residential, 7/14.

2806 W. Skyline Parkway, David V. Rager purchased from Jeffrey J. and Sherri L. Edberg for $135,000, residential, 7/14.

7001 E. Superior St., Angela K. Miller purchased from Donald R. Schwake for $262,150, residential, 6/14.

2001 W. Superior St., Housing and Redevelopment Authority purchased from GRA Inc. for $230,000, apartment, 7/14.

5422 E. Superior St., Shayne G. Downey purchased from Shea S. and Stephanie M. Walters for $179,900, residential, 6/14.

3125 W. Superior St., William P. Maney purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral for $11,750, 6/14.

2164 Woodhaven Lane, Eric R. and Teresa A. Devenecia purchased from Lori and Mark Carlson for $340,000, residential, 6/14.

4315 Woodland Ave., Nathaniel A. Peterson purchased from Brian J. and Christina M. Lumppio for $144,000, residential, 6/14.

907 Woodland Ave., Regents of the University of Minnesota purchased from Judith R. Gray for $162,500, exempt from property tax, 6/14.

1801 Woodland Ave., Todd N. and Susan E. Ferguson purchased from Mark J. and Leigh S. Branovan for $219,500, residential, 6/14.

Address unassigned, John M. and Cheryl A. Radzak purchased from S.V. Bayhill LLC for $315,000, residential, 6/14.

Address unassigned, Terri Lynn Cullen purchased from North American Banking Co. for $285,000, residential, 6/14.

Residential bare land, Joseph H. Kleiman purchased from Minnowa LLC for $4,000, 6/14.

Residential bare land, Mark W. Lambert purchased from Vivian Galeski and Elizabeth Kinghorn for $4,000, 6/14.

Residential bare land, Toni Roberts and Christopher Bergman purchased from Isola and Wenz for $55,000, 6/14.

Bare land, Bart Polacsek purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral for $1,150, 6/14.

Bare land, CTKH LLC purchased from American Bank of the North for $633,100, seasonal-recreational res, 5/14.

Bare land, Daniel E. Parr purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral for $10,500, 6/14.

Bare land, Grand Avenue Development Co. purchased from the city of Duluth for $43,400, 7/14.

Bare land, Matthew H. and Karen B. Hanka purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $69,900, 6/14.