Weather Forecast


Monday's weather for Duluth and the Northland: A very wet day

Last night, towns along the Canadian border got the first taste of a large low-pressure system heading our way. The rest of us will follow suit today.

Morning lows should be 40-45, with highs of 57-63. The rain chance is 90 percent. Thunderstorms are possible, too. An inch of rain could fall.

By Tuesday, the low will push towards the northeast, so we'll be left with a partly sunny sky. The low will be 46 and the high should hit 68.

On Wednesday, the sky should be partly cloudy. The low will be about 46 and the high should hit 60. Mid-70s are possible next weekend.


Monday: Mostly cloudy to overcast, 90% chance for showers and thunderstorms, high 58, low 46.

Tuesday: Partly sunny, high 68, low 46.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy, high 60, low 43.

Thursday: Partly cloudy, high 66, low 44.

Friday: Partly cloudy, high 68, low 48.