Weather Forecast


Monday's weather for Duluth and the Northland: Rain showers possible today

Today, the jet stream will try to bisect the Northland. The dry side likely will be along the Canadian border, and points south will get showers as a trough of lower air pressure runs along the jet stream.

Highs will be 50-55 degrees, just a hair below the normal of 58. The sky should be mostly cloudy in the wet zone and partly sunny in the dry zone.

For Tuesday, the clouds should thin out a bit, and the sky will become partly sunny. On Wednesday, a good chance for rain, along with thunderstorms, will return. By the weekend, many of the rain clouds will depart and high temperatures should climb into the 60s.


Monday: Mostly cloudy, 50% chance of rain, high 53, low 38

Tuesday: Partly sunny, high 54, low 38

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, 50% chance of showers and storms, high 52, low 40

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, 60% chance of showers and storms, high 53, low 40

Friday: Partly sunny, 30% chance of showers, high 60, low 40