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Marriages & Divorces for May 9, 2014

St. Louis County

April marriage license applications

Craig Towle, Duluth, and Lana Leeper, Duluth.

Ronald Heinz, Webster, Wis., and Julie Hughes, Webster.

Michael Anderson, Duluth, and Jennifer Bartel, Duluth.

Sean Finnegan, Chicago, and Alycia Kluenenberg, Chicago.

Joseph Waller, Duluth, and Elissa Lukes, Duluth.

Kristine Hensley, Duluth, and Mario Ruiz, Duluth.

James Blom, Saginaw, and Kathryn Hamilton, Saginaw.

Louisa Guggisberg, Duluth, and Jason Scorich, Duluth.

Sheldon Thompson, Duluth, and Rachel Dickenson, Duluth.

Luanne Kaspszak, Duluth, and Kim Mathias, Duluth.

Mark Fitzgibbons, Duluth, and Erin Vigen, Duluth.

Jillian Engstrom, Esko, and Daniel Brula, McGregor.

Jeremy Postal, Waunakee, Wis., and Deanna Davis, Waunakee.

Ashlie Johnson, Alborn, and Bryan Bredow, Alborn.

George Kasapidis, Duluth, and Carey Misner, Duluth.

Joseph Woehrle, Duluth, and Amanda Askelin, Duluth.

Dane Boes, Duluth, and Natasha Tassone, Duluth.

Jack Connolly, Duluth, and Malaree Stauber, Duluth.

Jenna Bergstrom, Cotton, and Korey Askelson, Duluth.

Adrienne Ritchie, Hermantown, and Joshua Toms, Hermantown.

Hayley Spohn, Duluth, and Derrick Berry, Duluth.

Angela Savchenko, Duluth, and David Thorp, Duluth.

Melissa Preston, Hermantown, and James Severson, Hermantown.

Hannah McIntyre-Talbott, Duluth, and Mark Radice Jr., Duluth.

Bryan Cox, Duluth, and Sarah McLaughlin-Brandt, Two Harbors.

Anna Strommer, Superior, and Robert Blankenship, Superior.

Andrew Fleisch, Cloquet, and Jodi Busker, Duluth.

Kirsten Maus, Fargo, N.D., and Daniel Klimek, Fargo.

Robert Johnson, Duluth, and Amanda Schwartz, Duluth.

Audra Lind-Albrecht, Brainerd, Minn., and Susan Benjamin, Brainerd.

Joellyn Gum, Duluth, and Richard Hansen, Duluth.

Danielle Madda-Garvey, Eau Claire, Wis., and Ronald Haubrich, Bemidji.

Ann Watkins, Bayfield, and Joanne Cirillo, Bayfield.

Kristin Meister, Marshfield, Wis., and Kimberly Zach, Marshfield.

Amanda Sundberg, Duluth, and Per Persater, Knivsta, Sweden.

James Webb, Duluth, and Marie Johnson, Duluth.

Holly Pappas, Duluth, and Bryan Borowicz, Duluth.

Kayla Bonicatto, Eveleth, and Jesse Schilling, Eveleth.

Heather Anderson, Duluth, and Andrew Williams, Duluth.

Brenda Beard, Duluth, and Richard Conley, Duluth.

John Acheson, Duluth, and Sarah Mulville, Andover, Minn.

Patricia Miner, Duluth, and Erik Lokken, Virginia.

Alexander Nordehn, Duluth, and Christina Olson, Duluth.

Jacob Stanley, Duluth, and Marilene Haroux, Duluth.

Barry Albert, Duluth, and Catherine Haworth, Duluth.

Jamie Griffin, Duluth, and Jenna Tombers, Duluth.

John Stillwell, Saginaw, and Melissa Feiro, Saginaw.

Joshua Akkerman, Duluth, and Jessica Schwegel, Duluth.

John Sangren, Cokato, Minn., and Sharon Bodeker, Glencoe, Minn.

Jordan Clark, Birchwood, Wis., and Cassandra Lane, Birchwood.

Rory Lieb, Duluth, and Kirk Dennis, Duluth.

Alan Delvecchio, Duluth, and Candace Daks, Duluth.

Gary Mlodozyniec, Duluth, and Brenda Quade, Duluth.

Diana Moody, Duluth, and Seth Harvey, Duluth.

Jon Vanderscheuren, Duluth, and Kristina Carrillo, Duluth.

Scott Johnson, Duluth, and Jill Jezierski, Duluth.

Jeremy Jones, Duluth, and Candace Piar, Duluth.

Michael Thompson, Duluth, and Kara Laiti, Duluth.

Da Ni, Hermantown, and Shiqing Cao, Hermantown.

Jeremy Privette, Carlton, and Elizabeth Helland, Cloquet.

Nichole Brenner, Duluth, and Benjamin Gorny, Duluth.

Jerod Clampitt, Cloquet, and Shannon Smith, Cloquet.

Erin Potratz, Duluth, and Aaron Abramson, Duluth.

Carl Anderson, Wrenshall, and Tammy Nykanen, Duluth.

Dissolutions of marriage

Jefferson L. Crider, Superior, and Lori A. Crider, Cloquet.

Daniel S. Chandler, Duluth, and Cathy J. Chandler, Proctor.

Rickey L. Ebert, Meadowlands, and Melissa A. Ebert, no address listed.

Teri A. Walsh, Duluth, and Mark T. Walsh, Duluth.

Patrick S. Geraghty, Elk River, Minn., and Dee Dee R. Geraghty, Duluth.

Gabriel R. Campbell, Duluth, and Vanessa M. Campbell, Duluth.

Cynthia E. Johnson, Duluth, and Mark R. Johnson, St. Peter, Minn.

Dana L. Rossing, Duluth, and Timothy A. Rossing, Superior.

Bradley D. Virden, Duluth, and Casey L. Virden, Duluth.

Janice M. Netterfield, Duluth, and James C. Netterfield, Monticello, Minn.

Jennifer J. Dufault, Duluth, and Cory L. Dufault, Duluth.

Andrew L. Morin, Proctor, and Jessica M. Morin, Duluth.

Shane M. Theisen, Duluth, and Amy C. Theisen, Duluth.

Nancy A. Burley, Duluth, and Paul D. Burley, no address listed.

Lowell T. Olson, Duluth, and Toni D. Snickers, Duluth.

Danielle M. LaMere, Proctor, and Joshua D. LaMere, Proctor.

Allen R. Logelin, Canyon, and Sue A. Logelin, Duluth.

Marshall T. Watson, Duluth, and Marta Watson, Duluth.

Elaine A. Buckner, Richfield, Minn., and Bruce D. Buckner, Duluth.

Maicie L. Sykes, Duluth, and Nathan D. Sykes, Duluth.

Jacqueline A. Sundstrom, Cottage Grove, Minn., and Timothy C. Sundstrom, Duluth.

Clarence E. Gorder, Cloquet, and Wendy I. Gorder, Cloquet.

Randahl A. Parker, Duluth, and Kris M. Parker, Duluth.

Timothy D. Peterson, Duluth, and Romona W. Peterson, Duluth.

Sheryl S. Boisjoli, Duluth, and James P. Boisjoli, Duluth.

Deborah S. Merrick, Duluth, and Glenn W. Merrick, Duluth.

Justin W. Fallert, Duluth, and Lindsay M. Fallert, Duluth.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.