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Marriages & Divorces for June 13, 2014

St. Louis County

May marriage license applications

Bobby Martineau, Duluth, and Rhiannon Fraser, Duluth.

Chad Walkowiak, Duluth, and Jennifer Green, Duluth.

Aidaliz Figueroa-Rivera, Kincheloe, Mich., and Hailee Akers, Kincheloe.

Tyler Moore, Marquette, Mich., and Gerald Neldon, Marquette.

Jarred Lind, Barnum, and Juni Schwandt, Waite Park, Minn.

Steven Lindbeck, Duluth, and Allison Carlson, Duluth.

Chelsea Nissen, Duluth, and Seth Buck, Duluth.

Elizabeth Brophy, Superior, and Jonathan Moyer-Grice, Superior.

Krista Suchy, Duluth, and Cody Lohse, Duluth.

Nicall Slattery, Duluth, and Michael Stick, Duluth.

Adam Kollmann, Duluth, and Jenna Vangorp, Duluth.

Zachary Heil, Plymouth, Minn., and Cassandra Cox, Burnsville, Minn.

Lindsay Monacelli, Canyon, and David Hernandez, Canyon.

Mildred Nelson, Statesboro, Ga., and Elizabeth Raiford, Statesboro.

Nicole Castonguay, Saint Albans, Vt., and Jay Riggen, Saint Albans.

Jason Lavake, Duluth, and Daisy-Ree Quaker, Duluth.

Anna Hakes, Saginaw, and Justin Ward, Saginaw.

Jaime Jost, Superior, and Thomas Satko, Superior.

Katie Koski, Cloquet, and Cody Demenge, Cloquet.

Sarah Suonvieri, Duluth, and Joel Hare, Duluth.

Thomas Taylor, Duluth, and Christil Peterson, Duluth.

Jena Lindgren, Duluth, and Harlan Martin, Duluth.

Jeanne Ryan, Duluth, and Lori Johnson, Duluth.

Ashley Hull, Kansas City, Kan., and James Heags, Duluth.

Eric Archer, Hermantown, and Breanna Stevens, Hermantown.

Krista Oliver, Proctor, and Erin McLenithan, Proctor.

Lindsey Wallin, Duluth, and D’Andre Clark, Sartell, Minn.

Nicole Kulig, Fort Worth, Texas, and Brian Schulze, Forth Worth.

Mary Poverud, Duluth, and Richard Morton, Duluth.

Luke Sturm, Farmington, Minn., and Kasey Theisen, Duluth.

Cory Kempf, Duluth, and Dory Pohl, Duluth.

Curtis Foxley, Duluth, and Melissa Hill, Duluth.

Gregory Hjartarson, Mesa, Ariz., and Christopher Stodghill, Mesa.

Heather Turkall, Duluth, and Scott Garrick, Superior.

Spencer Sharpe, Hermantown, and Kate Myers, Duluth.

Katie Larson, Wyoming, Minn., and Andrew Lund, Bemidji.

Mary Farley, Wonder Lake, Ill., and Bridget Farley, Wonder Lake.

Matthew Davis, Duluth, and Leah Grozdanich, Duluth.

David Nelson, Sarasota, Fla., and Jill Plotnik, Sarasota.

Timothy Fahlin, Duluth, and Brenna Carlson, Duluth.

Keely Holcomb, Duluth, and Joshua Waechter, Duluth.

Kali Marsyla, Duluth, and Isaac Moll, Kaktovik, Alaska.

Tara Crotteau, Duluth, and Joshua White, Duluth.

Milton Legg, Cook, and Audrey Amundson, Duluth.

Aaron Pruse, Proctor, and Tammy Usack, Proctor.

Austin Johnson, Duluth, and Rachel Halgren, Duluth.

Melissa Walls, Duluth, and Vincent Listrani, Duluth.

Daniel Neubarth, Glendive, Mont., and Melissa Mischel, Glendive.

Nathan Feist, Willmar, Minn., and Elizabeth Russell, Willmar.

Natasha Hinzmann, Duluth, and Tanner Jauss, Duluth.

Crystal Coleman, Duluth, and Joshua Boyat, Duluth.

Angela Carroll, Duluth, and Robert Olson, Duluth.

Justin Skluzacek, New Prague, Minn., and Kelsy Kliem, Duluth.

Christopher Reynolds, Two Harbors, and Katie Foley, Two Harbors.

James Talbot, Aitkin, and Keeley Mattila, Aitkin.

Kati Kristenson, Grand Marais, and David Stieler, Albert Lea, Minn.

Spencer Ludwig, Duluth, and Jeanette Armstrong, Duluth.

Kimberly Bezdicek, Superior, and Anthony Huberty, Superior.

Jamie Block, Proctor, and Kristopher Glesener, Proctor.

Sarah Raymond, Duluth, and Aaron Berg, Hermantown.

Neil Anderson, Saginaw, and Jennifer Strom, Saginaw.

Ganapathy Natarajan, Duluth, and Aishwarya Ashok, Duluth.

Megan Chumich, Proctor, and Alec Polling, Duluth.

Linzie Turcott, Duluth, and Mike Miller, Superior.

Abigail Sauer, Forest Lake, Minn., and Brian Elliott, Savage, Minn.

Nateah Muellner, Duluth, and Jesse Ouellette, Duluth.

Jessie Lavalley, Duluth, and Matthew Konz, Duluth.

Mary David, Duluth, and Barbara Baco, Duluth.

Sela Wirtanen, Duluth, and Eric Schillereff, Battle Ground, Wash.

Randall Metcalf, Duluth, and Robin Lombardi, Duluth.

Chuyen Dinh, Duluth, and Vi Nguyen, Charlotte, N.C.

Edward Kall, Duluth, and Tracy Gilbertson, Duluth.

Kristina Witte, Waseca, Minn., and David Dipuma, Superior.

Linda Hansen, Davenport, Fla., and Judy Guindon, Davenport.

Allison Wegren, Duluth, and Jonathan Metzger, Duluth.

Robert Olaf II, Poplar, and Cheynae Kastner, Poplar.

Danica Lowry, Duluth, and David Rosario II, Duluth.

Crystal Turcotte, Superior, and Christopher Lund, Duluth.

Darcy Lehr, Gackle, N.D., and Sarah Pusc, Gackle.

Alyssa Caspersen, Duluth, and Joseph Holmes, Wrenshall.

Patricia Kleinbrook, Duluth, and Caren Nelson, Duluth.

Travis Runquist, Duluth, and Corinn Tollefson, Duluth.

Richard Upton III, Duluth, and Keely Lofald, Duluth.

Steven Pfarr, Duluth, and Rachel Christians, Duluth.

Shelley Richardson, Duluth, and David Lundholm, Duluth.

Kevin Lynch, Sartell, Minn., and Cassy Nelson, Hayward.

Sara Dickenson, Duluth, and Kevin Morgan, Duluth.

Natalie Norberg, Duluth, and Lance Nistler, Kelliher.

Ashley Shelton, Duluth, and Michael Sirois, Duluth.

Naomi Eastwold, Cameron, Wis., and Tatum Candler, Cameron.

Ann Miller, Des Moines, Iowa, and Adam Brisk, Des Moines.

Jessica Vork, Cloquet, and Dedric Clark, Cloquet.

Luke Stoltzfus, Duluth, and Amanda Plain, St Paul.

Dissolutions of marriage

Margaret T. Tomberlin, confidential address, and Joshua R. Tomberlin, San Diego.

Jerod R. Clampitt, Cloquet, and Kathleen L. Clampitt, Barnum.

Richard J. Ek, Duluth, and Nicole M. Ek, Duluth.

Andrew C. Johnson, Duluth, and Dianna L. Johnson, Pensacola, Fla.

Howard J. Sedor, Cloquet, and Sharon L. Sedor, Cloquet.

Paul T. Lueck, Duluth, and Janet C. Lueck, Cloquet.

Jacob K. Hill, Duluth, and Debra E. Hill, Alborn.

Misty L. Fuentes, Duluth, and Nick A. Fuentes, Wyoming, Minn.

Toni J. Hodel, no address listed, and Russell G. Hodel, Superior.

Brenna C. Gallagher, confidential address, and Andrew D. Itkonen, Duluth.

Erica L. Waters, Duluth, and Loren J. Waters, Hibbing.

Katherine L. Spaulding, Duluth, and Patrick R. Spaulding Jr., Silverdale, Wash.

Jeanne Kallberg, Duluth, and Scott R. Kallberg, Clovis, N.M.

Alicia K. Strand, Duluth, and Kenneth A. Strand, Duluth.

Jamin J. Siljendahl, Duluth, and Jennifer M. Siljendahl, no address listed.

Doreen M. Sundquist, Duluth, and Jonathon N. Sundquist, Proctor.

Anthony T. Quilty, Duluth, and Kristin Bedell-Quilty, Duluth.

Tori A. Jordan-Seavey, Duluth, and Adam L. Seavey, no address listed.

Courtney E. Ruona, Colorado Springs, Colo, and Darian L. Ruona, Duluth.

Wayne A. Lawrence, Duluth, and Tammy L. Nadeau-Lawrence, Duluth.

Heidie A. Geyer, Duluth, and Matthew R. Geyer, Duluth.

Kara A. Siljendahl, Duluth, and Eric J. Siljendahl, Duluth.

Ann L. Brucks, Manhattan, Mont., and Bryan L. Brucks, Duluth.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.