Weather Forecast


Friday's weather for Duluth and the Northland: Scattered showers possible

TODAY: The jet stream is in a ridge pattern over the Northland and is hovering over our region. This pattern will leave us with mostly cloudy to cloudy skies throughout the day. There will be an east wind at 4-8 mph with highs near 70. The chance of showers and thunder is about 30 percent.

SATURDAY: The ridge pattern holds over the Northland, and we still can't rule out a 30 percent chance of storms.

SUNDAY: A trough to our west in the jet stream will swing east, bringing a strong low closer. The best chance of showers will be north of the Twin Ports at 60 percent. Expect a 40 percent chance to the south. Heavy rain and strong thunderstorms are possible with this low.

Five-day forecast

Friday: Cloudy, 30 percent chance of scattered showers/storms H: 70 L: 59

Saturday: Mostly cloudy, 30 percent chance of scattered storms H: 74 L: 59

Sunday: Cloudy, 60 percent chance of storms H: 78 L: 60

Monday: Mostly cloudy, 20 prcent chance of storms H: 77 L: 53

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, 20 percent chance of scattered storms H: 73 L: 54