Weather Forecast


Friday's forecast for Duluth and the Northland: Mostly sunny

FRIDAY: High pressure will build from the northwest, leaving us with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. Highs will reach 29.

SATURDAY: The high will continue to the east, and there will be a clipper to our west. Highs will reach 33.

SUNDAY: The clipper moving closer from the west will drag a warm front across the region. This will warm us up and give us mostly cloudy skies. There's also a 30 percent chance of showers around the Boundary Waters.

MONDAY: A strong low developing over northern Colorado will push into the region, giving us a 70 percent chance of heavy, wet snow. We can expect 4-6 inches, but the total could increase.


Friday: Mostly sunny H: 29 L: 8

Saturday: Partly cloudy H: 33 L: 24

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, 30 percent chance of showers north H: 42 L: 26

Monday: Cloudy, 70 percent chance of wet snow H: 33 L: 10

Tuesday: Partly cloudy H: 28 L: 14