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Eh? I wanna rock! (rock)

So there’s this artist who needs some help curating rocks from the region for his mosaic-style mural he’s creating to hang in the Government Services Center in Duluth.

Craig David’s contemporary piece is titled “WaterNotes,” and he needs some stones.

According to the statement, the mural will be created in a combination of natural stone tile and stones collected from the beaches and estuaries of Lake Superior, and the hills of St. Louis County. The artist is seeking a variety of stones that he will slice and use as mosaic within the mural.

The stones should be:

* 2-8 inches in diameter

* Unusual, colorful, unique or interesting natural stone/rock

* Lake-worn stone from the highlands

* Lake-worn glass and industrial iron

Collection boxes will be placed in the Government Service Center in Duluth, the Northland Office Center in Virginia, the Hibbing Courthouse Annex and the St. Louis County Service Center in Ely, beginning Wednesday, with donations accepted until Sept. 12.

Donated materials will not be returned, because they’re going to be used in a mural. So please, if you love your stones, set them free and if — and it’s a big if — they return, then you’ll know it was meant to be.